Tuesday, March 08, 2011

TELANGANA 19: Parliament says 'No-Entry' for visitors from Telangana!

The Indian Parliament is not just barring a discussion on Telangana unrest but is literally barring everyone from the region, except MPs, from entering parliament. There is an invisible 'No-Entry' for all Telanganites even if you carry an authentication letter from the Chairman of the Lok Sabha House Committee (no less!), as were we.

After the SKC report so blatantly put in print the unconstitutional, irrational, biased arguments and the flawed details, many eminent people from the fields of constitution, law, economics, Irrigation, agriculture, public employment etc have filed in their critique on the report. I have in my personal capacity too, aired my opinion. TDF India took up the task of collating and publishing the core arguments in these critiques and thus came out with a book 'Justice Srikrishna's Injustice'. It is for the release of this book, I along with TDF India President D.P.Reddy and my friend Dileep flew to New Delhi.

It is in this context we paid a visit to the Parliament to get into the visitors’ gallery. We were armed with a letter from the office of Chairman of the Lok Sabha House Committee and submitted that along with our ID cards for the mandatory check. However, the officer in the Parliament reception routed us to another officer once he came to know, from our ID cards, that we are from Hyderabad. The second officer dithered on one pretext or the other before he finally told he cannot let us in unless he gets to talk to the Chairman of House Committee himself. The chairman himself is a Lok Sabha MP and obviously he wasn't in his office as the Parliament was in session. It was clearly a ploy to refuse entry for us. What surprised us was that Telangana MPs knew about this as they told us later in the day that no one from Telangana is allowed in as per Intelligence reports' instructions. We were clearly told the IB suspects that Telanganites might jump from the visitors’ gallery onto the floor of Lok Sabha and disrupt the proceedings! So upon IB's assessment, there is a blanket ban on Telanganites from entering the house.

So here is our system of governance that does not trust its own MPs! They issue the authentication letters and the officer at the Parliament reception rejects them! That reflects the state of things. Instead of a blanket ban, the MPs could have been just advised to issue the letters only if they are doubly sure the visitors would behave themselves. Instead, the Government found it easy to make the highest platform of democracy in India restricted for its own citizens. I am just wondering how many states/regions are blacklisted in this case. In addition to Kashmir, the whole of North East, anyone with a Muslim name, a Gorkha name, etc.

While this tamasha was on, the Lok Sabha was stalled for that day with 6 adjournments due to protesting TRS and Congress MPs. We could see on the TV monitor in the reception that KCR sat in the well of the house till the Lok Sabha was adjourned for next day. The Government was caught unawares by the protests that disrupted the day in the crucial budget session. It was especially embarrassed by its own Congress MPs sloganeering in the house ignoring the advice from their colleagues in Congress. Is that not enough of a lesson for the Congress Government?  It better concentrate on the 'attacks' inside the house from its own party men rather than delude about 'attacks' from the visitors’ gallery. For, in days to come, these attacks within would get too close for comfort. 


Venu said...

Hi ra,
I m really proud of you that you managed to go to parliament to submit the report.
Can not we do anything to get this report printed in the news papers or to get this aired thru some news channel?

Harisha said...

This is incredible!

Madhav said...

Can't explain the sad feeling Amar! Even the colonial British government allowed Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt inside Parliament. When they threw a bomb inside they tried them - howsoever fake it might be - by procedure established by law. Whereas 'our own' Union government closes the doors on its people and the 'Andhra' government punishes 'reformer' Mallesh - who corrected a high decibel loud speaker that was emitting noises it was not authorised to - without any trial! What a fall!

Amar said...

Now, it's official. ToI covers the story. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Parliament-staff-on-the-alert-for-Telangana-visitors/articleshow/7667290.cms

Amar said...


Here is TV9's initial report of the book - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMmaHvUAxko

adita said...

Dude dont be Paranoid, because our Parliament is Paranoid irrespective of region , there has been a plan for march to Delhi on 11th this might have prompted overreaction they are also wary of visitors from certain parts of UP.

Do u have a PDF link to this

Justice Srikrishnas injustice book