Sunday, August 01, 2010

Telangana XI: Cut the crap, the verdict is out!

“…a message appears to have gone to the people that we are not taking the by-elections seriously”. – Hypocrite #1 on losing his face in the elections

“…..not in the by-election race as the atmosphere is not conducive to spread our thought-provoking ideology that takes care of the interests of all.– Hypocrite#2 who had no face to even think about contesting

What a tight slap it is! Yet politics is such a drama. Even if there is no audience (say forfeiting election deposits), the show has no go on. So one hypocrite insists it is his party that didn’t take the election (which means voters) seriously and that it’s not the other way round! The second hypocrite boasts that a full 7 months after the December agitation, atmosphere is still not ‘conducive’ for its ‘thought-provoking ideology that takes care of the interests of all’. It is just his hollowness. It is hard to miss the patronizing and condescending tone of these hypocrites. They are not just downplaying the thunderous verdict in favor of demerger of Telangana but are brazenly displaying what has been their line of thinking all these years – that what the Telangana voter aspires for does not matter. They would continue to oppose the demerger and so would the many stooges of the political setup spawn by Andhra plutocrats.

It is amusing to see the response to the by-election results where all legislators who resigned in favor of creation of Telangana got re-elected. Some say the vote is out of sympathy for the legislators who voluntarily resigned. A sympathy that costed the TDP candidates their election deposits in all 12 constituencies they contested!? Then maybe it is more than just sympathy. And why were the TDP and Congress contesting when they thought there is this ‘sympathy’ for JAC backed candidates? It is clear all these claims are a way to find a way out of this spectacular debacle without conceding that demerger is what the Telanganites demand. Period.

If we cut the crap about these losers, the figures speak deafeningly. TDP won 39 out of the 57 seats it contested in Telangana hardly an year ago in alliance with TRS. Now in these by-polls, it loses all 10 seats TRS won then with TDP’s support. And it loses it own Vemulawada seat too. It is well known that it’s is the congress and TDP who have well-oiled local grassroots level party machinery. To override all this and to win all seats on it’s own with huge margins ranging from 50,000 to nearly 100,000 votes means getting support of voters across caste and religion. Not surprisingly, Muslims voted for a JAC-backed BJP candidate who is by all means a minnow against the state congress president. The TDP’s much boasted BC vote-bank is either history or myth. It lost deposit in all 12 constituencies. Worse, it ended 3rd or 4th in 10 seats. Notwithstanding the many mistakes TRS did in the past, the voter gave it a second chance to work for a political solution for the demerger. Employees in government and private sectors, lawyers, teachers, students, artists, poets voluntarily campaigned for the JAC-backed candidates and have reminded the voters to support those who work for Telangana.

The Telangana by-polls and results themselves are momentous in our democracy, just like the peaceful agitation in the last few months. After demonstrating their desire and will for the demerger in several democratic, peaceful and novel ways, the Telangana voter handed a numbing defeat to the anti-telangana forces in the political process of elections. It helped that the by-polls had a single agenda of statehood. And so the opposition found it hard to confuse the voter. And importantly, the voter was well-informed by the events and dram in last few months on the sincerity of the Congress and the TDP on the demerger. There are now just 2 parties – the JAC-backed candidates and those outside it. And rightly all those myths about TDP vote-banks and Congress vote-banks got busted. It is a matter of time before the grassroots level party workers realign themselves in these 2 camps. Now the writing is so clear on the wall even for an idiot to miss it.

Notwithstanding the dramabazi of Naidu in last few days, TDP suffered a death-blow in the by-polls. For all those who underestimate the voter’s intelligence, this is an eye-opener. Similarly, despite spending huge amounts on buying the voters, ambitious congress candidates got humiliatingly defeated. A congress candidate seems to have spent more than 10 crore in his constituency. That would amount to several thousand for buying a single voter! The lesson is that elections have not completely become a number game as some would want us to believe. It is about credibility and intent. These elections could be a rare example in modern India where the students, intelligentsia, the opinion-makers overcame tremendous money power to assert their desire and remind the traditional political parties, however big they are, that they amount to nothing if they don’t listen to the man on the street. It has reminded the parties that they cannot have their own agendas and that the public agenda should be their agenda. It is demerger Telangana that wants and it’s what any party which has to survive there has to work on, genuinely. No babli type dramabazi or patronizing sermons.

Otherwise all parties would have more post-poll review meetings like these (as deported by DC) -

At one stage Mr Naidu was stunned and asked the party leaders, “when there are 7,500 active members enrolled in party in Nizamabad town, how the party nominee got only 1,793 votes.” Similarly, in Warangal West Assembly segment, in Division No 38, which is held by the party corporator, Mr Dasaradharama Rao, only one vote was polled in favour of the TD candidate, Mr V. Narender Reddy. “Even assuming he and his family members have four votes, if only one vote was polled means there seems to be something wrong,” Mr Naidu observed.

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Naagarikuda vinu said...

"Aur Ek Dhakka Zor se Fir Telangana pakka" Jai Telangana.

Vamsi said...

Do u really support this kind of politics? getting elected, resigning and contesting, resigning, contesting again and again? What are they trying to prove? Doesn't it mean that they have a need for continuous assurance to keep going in the movement?

They obviously don't care about the money being wasted in the form of by elections! as a common tax payer i am humiliated. i personally feel that one who resigns should be not allowed to contest in the following election.

It is very sad that why politicians take public money for granted.

I strongly feel that TRS should find some other alternatives to get the movement going than resigning and recontesting...

hariesh said...

A Thumping victory for Telangana and her aspiring dream.

srini said...

Dude.. All is fine..Pardon my ignorance on the local politics.. but all the 'so called' TRS leaders were in power and peoples representatives...I mean they had the power,acees to the governanace and THEY COULD NOT DO ANYTHING FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF IMPOVERISHED regions of telangana. WHAT IS THAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO NOW WHICH COULD NOT BE DONE IN LAST 30 YEARS?

Anonymous said...

Well I dont know what to say, but from past few months I have been calling my parents from dubai and everytime I get to here Bandh, and then I heard that AP is in huge lossess due to this stupid TRS bandhs. I stay near to TRS office and I see how they attract young students.They are given this desi bottle of daru and thats how they pull them into this web. This is how even future of AP looks like for me. They are going to douse them in daru and kill the youngsters. And look at the irony they call it peacefull protest. I mean what a disgrace even to the word of "peacefull".I mean with state going into losses and youngsters going into drowsy state. I guess the victory of TRS will be the most unfortunate day. The future of telangana and Hyderabad seems to be black for me. No wonder all the Hyderabadis turn to be hooligans and lunatics in few days, drinking and drooling and crwaling on roads. I warn all the telanganites that this is end. Before the world ends no wonder there will be worst days and this is it.

Anonymous said...

With the some 10,000th repetition the word Andhra plutocrats…. The author makes me feel Telangana leaders are ‘Angels’ if not Gods. As some body rightly points out what could the politicians do all these years for telangana.. the elected people are telanganites too…Wish they put the energies is demanding development of the area than the division.. A power packed title … a furious write up … write up just to prove as much as the by elections. I read a poem when I was small which when translated from to English goes thus – “ What difference does it make if Pandavs are made Kings or the Kauravas – if the Pandavas are made kings they would give away India in a gambling game… and if Kauravas were made kings they would strip of the nations pride (vastra haran)…. What difference does it make if Hindu is a ruler of India or a Muslim…..a Hindu would burn the country and Muslim would bury the nation (poet depicting the form of cremation of the murdered body)….

I strongly relate this always… what difference does it make its some Reddy Naidu or Rao of Andhra Rayalseema or TELANGA leading the governance…. The mob will always be treated like a sheep and the lower and middle class will always strive for their bread….. the cost of dividing people on grounds of betterment would only known later by time and tide…. Thanks to the agitation TELANGANA would be formed….. and I would only want to see how the divided regions would be made better as smaller states.

sknwar said...

My Dear Anonymuos,
U said ur living in Dubai...Did u ever think...wen TRS is calling band why ppl are supporting it...its bcoz TG ppl want TG state....its nt just TRS....its entire 4Cr TG ppl's u know the FACT...dnt talk rubbish if u dnt knw anythng abt moment...I bliv ur basically from Andhra....MAY I KNW FROM WHICH PLACE OF AP U R???...Do u know anythng abt gentle men u knw anythng abt Andhra knw the back stabbing of Andhra leaders...Today also our fight is nt against andhra ppl..its against andhra rulers.....Do u know hw our water has been diverted...wat do u knw abt irrigation....Do u know anythng abt land mafia of Andhra realters.....U knw 90% of the emplyoees in secretariat are from Andhra....Dnt we hav educated ppl...just review the Eamcet/inter results....most of the ranks from TG students only but they wont get jobs Teacher post also TG seats are alloted to Andhra teachers...THE BIGGEST THING....HOW HYD CAN B A FREE ZONE...WAT HYD STUDENTS SHUD DO..HW ABT THEIR JOBS...Did u ever watch the TV/news of APPSC cheating....TG students who got 500+ marks in written test got only 5-10marks in final round of interview...coz all the board memebers r from Andhra (that bloody Venkat Ram reddy is from RS)...dnt talk rubbish wen u dnt knw..we will kick u ppl out if u try to talk rubbish or insult our moment...ok...@last...wen we want to b sepatared why u dogs b with us n laydown @our feet...
Jai TG...Jai Jai TG

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Sknwar Fisrt mind ur language, ofcose wat am I asking from a telanganite (This language is in telanganites blood). And to hell with your bloody moment which can only pull the state into loss. I am also a telanganite but have lived in cosmopolitan cities and unlike telangana people in Andhrites r much good polite freindly.And lets cut all this crap, lets wait and c for ourselves the future of so called hooligans and lunatics (Telanganites). And the article written by the anonymous after me is very much true but ofcose leaving a few points. and as you say me whole words were against TRS and his bloody party. I guess ur brilliant mind never realised it, becoz ur telnaganite and ardent follower of that bastard (I dont want to take his name and spoil my tongue)

Anonymous said...

And yes Mr. Sknwar I am very much native of Hyderabad but against to anything which would stop the development of humanity. And TRS will be a big wall which will always stop development.

Anonymous said...

Lets make this clear "Every politician and high powered administrator is a chor!" Now we have that cleared up, if Telangana forms, we will have Telangana people as these chors! The stolen money, water and resources will still stay in the area! I am absolutely fine with it!

jskumar said...

What is going on here, first my thanks to amar for posting after so long time. Brother anonymous, remember, this war and struggle is not for polite and friendly words which may take high priority with people like you, who may be having lots of Andhra friends. Friend, you see 90 % of your frens frm andhra since the area in which you are working is well devoloped where there is no room for telanganites(this is becoz poverty and illeteracy). May be decades later you find many people around the world, who belongs to the telangana, with recent developments in the region and awareness. Thanks to media and channels for highlighting the people and culture of the region(may be for thier development or competition). Have you ever spoke in your own language with so called freindly persons. First try to execute it(If you are really a telanganite). People like you must realize atleast now.
Brother, development is not what you are seeing now. The development is one which makes you to appreciate telanginites for being polite and friendly which comes only with self respect and happy life, and now this percentage may be a 10 and you are the one among the 10. When you start a debate your object must be an issue not the individual or not a political party please.

Anonymous said...

Good show Amar,

Keep spewing venom, like so many of you do.

keep fighting people !! Love it.

Anonymous said...

skn war miyan.... kiskuuuu dog bol reho ho... haha... all these years what happened to your realisation? why no agitation for a betterment... every alternate house of coastal house in andhra has a family member in the capital of the state... what would happen to their sentiments of living in a state which is not theirs.... the venom has penetrated so deep that there is no point in discussing this ... there is no argument ... if people are said they would be given jobs and this and that... wonder 4Cr of Govt jobs....everyone wud support anything.... its too tough for you to understand .... Jai Utara Telanga.. Jai Srikakulam... Jai Anantapur... Jai Hi tech city...

Anonymous said...

If KCR contests for PM post ... i will vote for him... else he might agitate for a new country Telangana saying the Indian Govt neglected its development ... and the best part is Amar would blog with a agni title... The Indian plutocrats using the telangana resources....

Anonymous said...

Today while watching TV... it makes me wonder... is all the violence in Kashmir by the valley youngsters demanding a separate nation correct? .... if yes then Telanga agitation for separation is very much valid... after all it is just a separate state .. thankfully not a separate country.....

Amar said...


I cant speak about the previous resignations and recontesting episodes but the latest was reasonable. What else can we expect when the state assembly session is stalled by MLAs opposing central Govt declaration od separate state. I mean those guys themselves in their party manifestoes agreed earlier to the demarger. Why a u-turn after the decision? Obviously that demands a revision of manifesto and hence a recontest and a fresh mandate. And we got it. This election is so historic and momentous that no one is discussing the money spent! Looking at the voters and increase in voting percentage, the voters looked enthosed to vote this tiem around.

//I strongly feel that TRS should find some other alternatives to get the movement going ..//

Firstly, this was JAC decision and not TRS and that is the reason for the massive victory too. It was JAC's credibility that worked.

Secondly, what alternatives you have in mind? Ultimately this is a political decision and it has to be won politically especially when those with their sudden u-turn on demerger refuse to even discuss the issue in assembly!

Amar said...


/local politics.. but all the 'so called' TRS leaders were in power and peoples representatives./

Decision making on development plans, budget allocation is not done at local level. Please go through my previous posts to understand the nature of discrimination and the systemic reasons behind it.

For that matter, which party did? This is an issue beyond parties. And this did not come into being with this party. It is the other way round.

Amar said...

This blog is only for debate not abuse. I hope you can also put your points and opinions across, whatever they are, politely. I don't have time to moderate comments. Please mind your language and discuss rationally.

Vamsi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vamsi said...

Thanks Amar for ur reply. :)

How would a separate "Telangana" state solve the problems in telangana? or why exactly is "telangana" state a solution to the current sitaution? if the reason for non development is "discrimination" by non telangana politicians/employees, etc, where is the guarantee that it will not happen between "kakatiya" region and "Osmania" region or some other region?

is it just a "hope" or does someone have a plan? and what happens to settlers from andhra n rayalaseema(just common men like telanganites) region who built their lives around the state capital?

Please point me to a blog if u have already written anything about "post telangana separation...."

Amar said...


/How would a separate "Telangana" state solve the problems in telangana? or why exactly is "telangana" state a solution to the current sitaution?

I have explained conceptually what I think is the problem in Blog III. Please go through it. Simply put, a partnership between non-homogenous provinces did not work. Demerger puts them back on their own so that they set their Govt programmes, priorities as per their people's needs and the geographical realities. It is time Telangana assert its identity and carve its destiny on its own. They dont want any longer to be in a monority in the political equation and loose decision-making positions forever.

/if the reason for non development is "discrimination" by non telangana politicians/employees, etc, where is the guarantee that it will not happen between "kakatiya" region and "Osmania" region or some other region?

Well, just because Andhrites blamed Tamils of domination and seeked separation, did they replicate it and fight among themselves?

/is it just a "hope" or does someone have a plan?

Firstly, let us not underestimate hope in the age of 'Audacity of Hope'. And I have hope that with the political awareness and a long history of struggle for rights in various forms, Telanganites would definitely make a difference. The political elite could be as corrupt, the business lobbies as scheming but the people would squeeze more out of their 'leaders' as they did in last few months.

Secondly, no single state, including Andhra submitted a business plan to gain statehood.In fact, Nehru was on record saying Andhra would be bankcrupt as a separate state and he was right. That does not make Andhrites feel they made a mistake. It was their aspiration and they had it. States are carved as per people's aspirations. Plans anyway, we know what they mean in Indian milieu.

Having said that, I myself experianced many experts in Public Administration, Irrigation, Agriculture dish out from their wealth of public service ideas that would rebuild Telangana, especially the rural economy. All these detailed reports have been sent to SKC from various organizations.

/and what happens to settlers from andhra n rayalaseema(just common men like telanganites) region who built their lives around the state capital?
Why only capital, what about those in T districts. According to TSF, the districts have half of the settlers. All these would live just like any Telanganites. Infact, there is technically nothing that says they are not Telanganites (unless the consider the tag derogatory!) even going by Mulki rules.

Once the dust settles down after the demerger, people would get back to their lives. Their could be some wounds but they would heal with time.