Monday, February 15, 2010

TELANGANA V:Plutocrats unleash terror on OU students

This Image on this Telugu news channel is telling. Even as scores are getting injured in the most ruthless police lathi-charge and firing in recent times, in Hyderabad's OU campus, this channel did it best to take it easy and go along with Telugu movie entertainment complete with belly-dancing. 3 hours and the police were still hunting down the students and worse other channels were covering it. So this channel went along and accommodated the Telangana concerns this way, literally splitting the screen. The image in the left pane is for Andhra who do not want to hear anything about Telangana and the right pane is for Telangana audience, LIVE police 'treatment' from OU campus. And yeah, the Valentine's heart at the top right is those of Samaikyandhravaadis throbbing dhab dhab for their innocent,uncivilized Telangana brethren who lost their way following their inefficient leaders.

The Andhra plutocrats are on a high after pulling off the Shri Krishna Committee and decided to celebrate it with some complimentary 'action' on the students who have been sticking out like sore thumbs all through. In what seems to be a planned,deliberate attack on Osmania University students to provoke them into a reaction and to brand them violent and discredit the Telangana movement, police agents have unleashed terror on behalf of the plutocrats last night in OU campus. They did not spare even the media and went on a rampage across the campus injuring scores of students - boys and girls and the Journos.

The students have been agitating non-violently and in the most innovative ways for nearly 70 days now. They have been the drivers of this just movement when the politicians let the Telangana people down. They have been clamped on with all kinds of restrictions and they have been successfully overcoming all by tapping into their constitutional rights.The Vidyarthi Garjana held in early January was a rude shock to the plutocrats. Even when the police and Govt refused permission for a meeting, the student JAC went to court, got permission and without the help of single political party (as per court's directive) held a mammoth meeting with around 2 lakh students in the campus. Such is the fear among our Samaikyavadi brothers that they made sure many areas in Telangana districts suffered power outage during the meeting so that the Visuals don't reach them! After that, the students held the ABVP Ranabheri, KU Vidyarthi Polikeka, Telangana Padayatra on a huge scale and took the Telangana movement into critical momentum. It is in this light that the politicians were forced to follow suit much to the consternation of the Andhra plutocrats.

The Plutocrats with their clout 'managed' the Shri Krishna committee Terms of Reference (ToR) so much that the Telangana politicians were jolted into submission by the sheer impact of the Andhra lobbying. The outrage over the ToR is now gathering speed in the students and only yesterday 15 MLAs from the region tendered their resignations. With pressure mounting on the other MLAs from the Telangana public, especially the students, the Andhra plutocrats decided to 'act' in a pre-emptive action and label the students 'Taliban' in line with their earlier propaganda. The Telugu Media for the last few weeks have been 'obedient' accommodating all Telangana news, including massive rallies/meetings, within bottom scrolls. So the time too is right for those in power but unfortunately couple of channels still were around in the campus and tried to film the Police attack on students. The police may be didn't have time to talk to their handlers on how to handle press. Or maybe simply they didn't care. So 'treated' them too. Even as something as major as this is happening, only those 2-3 attacked channels are reporting the OU events live while others are going ahead with their song and dance routine. But for these channels, we wouldn't have known how the police themselves turned troublemakers. Instead we would have heard many more cock-and-bull stories about Telangana Taliban. Not that I am underestimating the creativity of our Andhra plutocrats. After all, they brainwashed millions of Andhras to believe in their non-existent 'linguistic purity' and 'ethnic superiority' by writing their versions of history. So as it dawns here in Samaikyandrapradesh, we may very well see news stories in their mouthpieces about how the OU Taliban cornered the police in the campus for 5 hours and beat them up, and new expert ideas about how to handle these student thugs!

Even as I post this, police is still not allowing maintaining the blockade over the university and refusing entry for doctors and ambulances to treat the injured students inside. As of now, we hear 1 girl student lost eye-sight, 40 students including JAC leaders, 6 Journos got injured. Visuals showed police vandalising private property and media property within campus. Even members of ruling Congress this is a Govt's conspiracy. A 10 member committee has been constituted by the State Human Rights Commission and they are now on their way to campus. Th commission's earlier orders in last 2 months have been violated casually. Now, it should consider itself lucky if they are allowed inside the campus!


jshanthkumar said...

It is really very sad that yesterday the news channels( not only that shown others also) showing the entertinement news even at the time of the incidence and in morning debate it is not even taken as a serious concern by the channels. It is heart broken incedence and every human being should condemn it.

Sandeep Naredla said...

Excellent article.

One more reason why a separate state is needed.

Just compare the actions of this same govt, when students and people were protesting and taking rallies of "Jai samaikyandhra" on the roads of many Andhra univ and Andhra areas from dec 9 to dec 22, and NOW. Just compare it and then one knows why a separate state is needed.

There are different rules for different areas clearly.And this is what most Telanganites want. Self-rule and self-respect.

And still there are some idiots who argue that Police did wonderful job yesterday attacking students. Dont know what these idiots were doing from December 9 to 22 when similar things were happening in Andhra.

Kiran Kusumba said...

Excellent Article.

I dont know what national media is doing? All the state media is in the hands of SeemaAndhra politicians, why not we approach national media that are against Congress govt for some support so that we can get some coverage at the national level.

కత్తి మహేష్ కుమార్ said...

ఇంతకంటే దౌర్భాగ్యం మరొకటి లేదు.

Anonymous said...

tears were jsut on the corners watching live the heads of journalists and students being broken mercilessly and girl students being treated that way

cannot help but feel asahmed of having such sitting ducks as our so-called public representatives.

what has happened in OU on Valentine's day and next is something which will shake everyone who believes in a civilised society
and we call ourselves the largest democracy in the world

as for state media, everyone knows how it works especially the one you mentioned
it's pathetic that the national media has chose to ignore the police atrocities when they should have condemned the attack atleast on their own berthern.

Anonymous said...

and it's even more shameful that despite being slapped by the single judge and CJ of HC, they have approached SC
even SC had made serious comments.
but nothing matters to them except suppressing the movement whatever it takes

Amar said...


Trying naming something in national media which is critical of congress Govt!

Anonymous said...

yah yah yah.. no better than the taliban....

Bro by the way i am from Telangana... but not like those insane guys who act as if their balls are cracked