Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Telangana VII: Grossly discriminated against: Mungekar

Even as the spin doctors are out to prove how Telangana developed 'much more' than other parts of AP and are asking for 'outside experts' to evaluate the 'manufactured backwardness' of Telangana, scholar, economist and a former member of the Planning Commission Prof Bhalchandra Mungekar has nailed their lies by reeling stats about how Telangana is grossly discriminated against. How could there be equitable growth when out of 433 decision-making departmental heads in the Secretariat, hardly 7-8 from Telangana find a place, wondered Prof Mungekar, who in 2004, was handpicked by the Prime Minister to look after education, labour and employment, social justice, and tribal affairs for the 11th Five year plan. Mungekar is also one of the chief architects of NREGA.

Delivering the 14th Prof G Ram Reddy Memorial Lecture at the Centre for Economics and Social Studies (CESS) on `Regional dimensions of new economic paradigm: The case for Telangana’ in Hyderabad on 6 March, Prof Mungekar went on to say that attaining separate statehood is the only way out for Telangana now that all agreements/accords to safeguard its interests have been violated. This statement is all the more significant, coming as it is from Prof Mungekar. He was heading a committee overlooking development in Naxal-prone areas, with other members of the committee being the PM's then internal security adviser M.K. Narayanan and the union home secretary.

Mungekar made the following observations in his hour long lecture:
  1. Even SCs of a region, who do not believe in caste, would be forced to demand a state 10 years from now, if they are pushed against the wall by ignoring their just aspirations for bettering their lives. That is how social and economical aspirations manifest in a democracy.

  2. For those who turns up phobia and propaganda on 'viability, sustainability' of new states, it would serve well to see whether India satisfied those very parameters while it was demanding independence! It is people's aspirations and resolutions that matter.

  3. The Prof. reminded that SRC clearly mentioned that 'One language, One state' rule is neither justifiable nor practicable.

  4. Regional disparities arise from lack of secular process of economic development. Leon Trotsky's 'Uneven and combined development' was frequently referred to.

  5. How prophetic Fazal Ali sounded 5 decades before as those very reasons for which he recommended Telangana remain a separate state have now become the foundation for the demand for demerger!

  6. Fazal Ali's usage of word 'Colony' in the SRC report while reporting Telanganites fears about merger was considered a little over-the-top considering the decade the report was written in, but looking at what Telangana turned out to be, the word now looks prophetic and very apt! The Prof. further extended analogies of Telangana, Andhra with the situation in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Examples of 'internal colonies'.

  7. The professor ended his lecture quoting Marx about how those in power in society would never voluntarily relinquish power and so the Telangana peoples' movement hence should persevere and stick to the present non-violent way it is moving in. He advised caution with the anti-Telangana forces which would look at every opportunity to impose violence on the movement and suppress it then with brute force.

  8. More importantly, Prof Bhalchandra Mungekar stressed Telangana movement is more about attaining justice than statehood and that once the statehood is attained, no sections within it should replicate the same discrimination now Telanganites on the whole are complaining about. If that indeed happens, the Prof said in no equivocal terms that he would be back in the same spirit for fighting on behalf of those fighting for justice.

The Professor said his lecture copy would be submitted to the Shree Krishna Committee in support of the cause of Telangana.

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Madhav said...

For those who turns up phobia and propaganda on 'viability, sustainability' of new states, it would serve well to see whether India satisfied those very parameters while it was demanding independence! It is people's aspirations and resolutions that matter.

Very true. Once the desire to separate has really assumed this proportion, its illogical to argue on basis on these factors.

I sincerely believe that in long run separation is best for common men of both regions.

Your rip-off of Sunny Doel's Damini dialogue is very creative..

But I see your own leaders as ineffective...Whats ur view on this? Would love to see this in your next post.

Amar said...


That is a pertinent point about why Telangana elected representatives are ineffective. The reason is sytemic in the majority/minority equation (natural in a democracy) and that is what a separate statehood would fix. I address this in my previous post - http://theargumentativeindian.blogspot.com/2010/02/telangana-iii-case-of-tyranny-of.html.

I believe a separate state of Telangana would make politics within Andhra more competitive and open to more segments of society by shaking up the present caste equations and challenging the plutocrats who are indulging in unheard of corruption due to the disproportionate amount of power they enjoy presently.

Madhav said...


No no, I'm not referring to leaders in that context. I'm referring to your leaders NOW. Congress has come out of JAC. TDP is in fix. Why don't our leaders take responsibility of this movement now and see to it that they convince Centre on this. Had leaders of Telangana been less selfish I think this problem would not have turned so intense.

Amar said...

We do know who calls the shots in both the parties. How would T leaders b free to make their decisions when they know for sure the leadership of both parties see Telangana separate statehood detrimental.

Only stooges become 'leaders' and 'ministers' from Telangana. Dont we know how desperately YSR tried to reject ticket for a vociferous Madhu Yashki. Instead the Andhra leadership puts up puppets like DS, Fmr speaker Suresh Reddy and Shabbir Ali who not unsurprisingly lost their elections despite the support. The point is that T MLAs/MPs are unrepresentative of their people's aspirations because of their own dependency on the money power of Andhra plutocrats. Jalayagnam progarm created contracts worth 40,000 crores and T cong men openly say how they could get hardly 2000 crores worth contracts!

For 5 decades that has been the vice-grip and power breeds more power and more money. The whole T political process in entangled in this web of plutocracy. Only a few 'outsiders' like Madhu Yashki can dare speak out because as he himself keeps reminding politics is not his livelihood and that he can still survive if forced out! Such is the power of forces he is opposed to.

And who are the so-called leaders - Lakshmaiah who won by 17 votes

Madhav said...

Kind of got it.. Thanks... I agree with your assessment...

Chaiti said...
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Amar said...


Show me a single line of hatred in this whole blog!

sravan said...

It is really sad to see even the most rational and sane persons from andhra have been reacting the way Chaithanya reacted above.
The way the telangana has made its case highlights the discrimination and marginalization it faced in the United AP. And it is clear that the benefits have gone to andhra.
Andhra people are not yet ready to accept that. They hurt their ego unnecessarily and claim our case to be founded on hatred. They take it as a personal insult. They feel that their superiority is earned and not stolen. This is a very farfetching statement people have made before. While we neither accuse them as thieves nor as culprits they nevertheless feel the same discomfort from the case of telangana. We describe the situation of a lopsided system where one region bears all the brunt and another region fruits.They come up with weird theories like past feudal system, uppish agricultural lands and political incompetency.
I do not still understand why is there so much burden of ego andhra people are forced to protect.

Chaiti said...
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Chaiti said...
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Chaiti said...
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Vishwa said...

brother chaiti, good sign..in 1 post your identity changed from defence kid to telanganite :) your words show how much you hate TELANGANA. you can not hide it brother. antha dwesham healthki manchidi kaadu, jara badram

Amar said...


Although u don't show the courtesy to explain your baseless allegations in your first post, I will show the courtesy of responding to your question

//.. other newly formed states, which are destined to doom//

Well, this post is about Dr.Mungekar who is the member of 11 five year plan. And he definitely knows what newly-formed states are destined for. Go through the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012), Vol.1 published by Planning Commission, GoI. All newly formed states outperformed their parent states in the 10th Five-year plan. New states over-reached targets while their parent states fell short significantly.


Jharkhand = 6.9 - 11.1
Bihar(parent)= 6.2 - 4.7

Chhattisgarh= 6.1 - 9.2
MP(parent)= 7.0 - 4.3

Uttaranchal= 6.8 - 8.8
UP(parent)= 7.6 - 4.6

U r entitled to ur opinions, even uninformed. But just because I don't toe ur line, u cant accuse me of being a hate-monger! Now don't say Dr.Mungekar is hate-monger.

Chaiti said...
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sravan said...

As you did,
I only exemplified you as one of a case. If you are not a perfect fit for description, that is fine. Take a chill pill.
But you might have overlooked the generalized attitudes I was pointing to. If you are not one, fine but the onus of proving yourself as requested by Amar is only your moral responsibility (not a civic nor legal just moral).
And what do you understand about regionalism- As you seem to be hating it so much???

sravan said...

good that you tried to argue against the numbers.
But you have to not only look at the base but what actually the numbers are representing.
Here amar is not interpreting from the difference between the numbers of the parent and the new state.
It is clear that the administration of the smaller division that separated is good since they achieved targets while that remained the larger unit of the parent state still not able to.
It is not about comparing the quantitative aspect of the numbers. Your inference would have been correct if we Bihar had achieved its targeted growth and need not be exceeding the target. The point here is the administration failed to reach the target and jharkhand administration successfully reached the target.
That is because it is smaller

Amar said...


I wont comment on ur personal judgements abt me or this blog.

//Coming to my "baseless" statments.//
Did I say that? Reread. I said 'baseless allegations' about me consumed by hate.

//You can delete my comments if you want to, I have always wanted to participate.//
I never believed in moderation/deletion. U r free to say whatever u wish. U r free to participate and even accuse me. But substantiate ur accusations.

//We have done a comprehensive assessment on the 11th five year plan here as a research project with an NGO//

u r welcome to guest-blog on this!

//You're getting carried away like thousands of others who cant think on their feet..//
Okay. now tell me why the new states are destined to doom

Chaiti said...
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Amar said...

U said "If somebody has a strong opinion, which the person is unwilling to discuss, its a waste of time providing them facts and figures, .."

I said I am not just willing to discuss but ready for a guest-post from u. U give me good reasons and I will willingly convert. What I post is result of my readings and reflections. Maybe u can change all that with ur argument. So go ahead and explain ur statements

1) Why the new states are destined to doom

2) What did the 11 plan assessment tell u about new states

3) And of course Sravan wants u to elaborate on the bases and growth rates

Awaiting for the facts, figures u claim to have. You are welcome.

Chaiti said...
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sravan said...

And the forecast is made realistically.
No body makes a realistic forecast for a small state and unrealistic forecast for a large state.
Tehy make a forecast also based on how large the state is.
You are not able to detach your analysis from quantitative terms to qualitative terms

sravan said...

Maoist insurgeny is basically a socio economic problem.
And Maoists did not flare up only after formation of the state.
They were present before.
And probably becasue Jharkhand was once the part of larger Bihar it seemed to be a minor one. And now because it is seen in a small state you percieve it as big.
Do you have any data that proves smaller states really encourage Maoists??
And that smaller states cannot handle Maoist insurgency?

Vishwa said...

joker chaiti,
you are pure Telangana hater.You can not digest that Amar wrote what he thinks. You came here only to write lengthy posts to target him. You have the time for that but not for giving single fact in 1line :) If we ask you for facts you say you don’t have time :). Hater becomes joker. you don’t have any facts, you are a bluffer.

jai.samaikyandhra said...

all this fellows came from outside. do they know that telangana people are lazy,stubborn,with no culture. see the songs they are singing in dhoom dhaams. stop singing and work hard to become succesful like Andhra people instead of looking at us with jealousy

Chaity said...

@ Vishwa - Hahaha, rotflmao (rolling on the floor laughing my ass out).

You are seriously funny! I pity you.

I was expecting some stupid comment from you and you exactly match my expectations !!

Carry on with your stupidity. You shall not get any attention from me here on.

@ Jai Samaikyandhra - Stop fighting with each other and please dont make generalisations about a particular community!

@ Amar - Hence proved. Sensitive topics like these should be discussed in person. I'm being branded as a "Telangana Hater". The more I discuss things(based on facts) - Which I have avoided so far, the more my facts would be challenged, eventually to be proved wrong and isolated(I bet). Now that the movement has attained such proportions, mob mentality rules the masses.


you know, I've always wondered if our Nation was just a concoction waiting to fail. This country is boiling internally!

How else would you explain things like north Indian's generalising south Indians and discriminating us based on color? Marathi's beating up bihari's and staging rally's and making public statements depicting them as scum? Telangana people blaming/hating andhra people for discriminating against them? North eastern militants killing hindi-speaking people in northeast? Anti-brahmin hatred, infact anti-so called "upper castes"?. Tamilnadu, promoting only tamil in all of their settlements? Delhi people beating up "bhaiyas" in delhi?

I mean Just look at us..Vishwa and Jai samaikyandhra are a crude examples. One off statement and he's ready to take names on anybody (vishwa)!! and Samaikyandhra supporter is ready to fight and generalise with anyone who's pro-telangana!

Why do we Indians hate each other so much?

How else could British rule us for two centuries? Only because we can be motivated against each other. Its too easy for anyone to divide and rule in India. Look at all the examples. We've just not learnt our lessons! We'll still be divided and ruled for the next thousand years..

White's may hate blacks, Terrorists may hate America, but Indian's hate each other. - Russel Peters

This shall be my last post on your blog. When educated elite like you and all other's on this blog can be brainwashed/motivated/influenced by doctored facts, separatist ideology and instigating documents, I hate to foresee what future beholds our great nation.

God Bless/save India.

Signing off,


PS; I know this Vishwa is going to post some stupid comment again, but that's understandable/expected. Vishwa, come on.

sravan said...

I agree that vishwa was wrong in accusing you. But do you think he does not have a point.? Weren't you the one who was shying away to answer on the pretext of speculated apprehension?

Well I wouldn't say any more lest you might accuse me.
If you disregard and subtract the wrong sentences, here it is what vishwa said,

You can not digest that Amar wrote what he thinks. You have the time for that but not for giving single fact in 1line :) If we ask you for facts you say you don’t have time :). you don’t have any facts, you are a bluffer.

And don't you think this is still valid.
Given that, you reacted with a lengthy post to Vishwas comments but not a single word on my lenghy comments.
Why do you react to unimportant things when you have the moral responsibility to proove yourselves on the statemens you made before?
Don't you think so??
I tried my best not to offend you by all means.
But still if you feel any slightest of offence then I duly apologize.
Now will you take the responsibility to explain the things that me and amar expect from you?

Amar said...

//please dont make generalisations about a particular community//

U advise and then u go ahead and generalize abt 'north indians', 'delhi people' etc!

//Telangana people blaming/hating andhra people for discriminating against them?//

Well Telanganites got discriminated, so they blame Andhra leadership for breaking agreements! How would that be hate?

//Why do we Indians hate each other so much? //
Too simplistic a comment.

My take in one line for whatever issues u spoke abt - Too few resources, too many people competing for them. Such friction is bound to be there. Calling this 'hatred' is completely way off. If its indeed hate, this country woudlnt ahve been in one piece for 60 odd years!

//The more I discuss things(based on facts) - Which I have avoided so far, the more my facts would be challenged, eventually to be proved wrong and isolated(I bet). //

U r afraid of facts and so u avoid.

//White's may hate blacks, Terrorists may hate America, but Indian's hate each other. - Russel Peters //
U r quoting someone! Once again u go against ur own advise. And is Russel Peters some expert on India studies?

//if our Nation was just a concoction waiting to fail. This country is boiling internally!//

We have been hearing this for 60 odd years. This nation is growing up and getting mature to handle itself and get steady as an open society. Turbulences are natural. I dont see a doomsday by any stretch of imagination.

//you and all other's on this blog can be brainwashed/motivated/ influenced by doctored facts, separatist ideology and instigating documents//

You are welcome to reveal the 'doctored facts' and give us the 'real facts'.

U can start by telling me some facts that made u believe that the newly formed states are destined for doom.

Vinay Dongre said...

@ Amar

A search for Mungekar's works online landed me here. Mungekar is an inspirational figure in Mumbai academic circles. He overcame a difficult childhood to become an academic genius - his father was a on-street betel nuts vendor.

He is the first Non-Brahmin VC of Bombay University in 144 years! He also supports the statehood demand of Vidharbha.

@ Chaity
You said "Marathi's beating up bihari's and staging rally's and making public statements depicting them as scum"

This is an immature outlook towards the circumstances we are living in. First, Not all Marathis are for beating up Biharis! You are one of the outsiders who do not understand the dynamics. If you understand, then you must be knowing the reasons why Marathis have some genuine grouses against the system which is allowing outsiders over us in employment. Then you would be more sympathetic towards us instead of blaming us for hating others. If we hate people, why did we allow the migration?

Vishwa said...

good news anna.Mungekar nominated to Rajyasabha. so support for telangana increases in rajyasabha. brother professor chaiti thinks he is intelligent than mungekar so we should send him also to rajyasabha

Amar said...

The Rajyasabha nomination is a pleasant news. With his background in education, economics, development & tribal issues Dr. Mungekar could make great contributions in today's complex socio-economic context. ofcourse, his views about Telangana and Vidarba could also help a meaningful debate on these issues in the Parliament. Let us hope reason prevails.

purchase research papers said...

I suppose that Telangana has its own distinctive culture and identity. The Hyderabad's as Deccani or Dakkini culture is evolved on its own as a distinctive culture due to confluence of different people who came from different places to serve under the Golkonda rulers