Monday, August 09, 2010

Telangana XII: About Amarajeevis and Anti-Nationals

The serving ministers in the AP Govt. from Andhra and Rayalaseema opposing the demerger of Telangana have made their representation to the Sri Krishna Committee. 6 Months after the committee is set up, they expressed surprise about it being constituted to look into what they say is an anti-national demand. They said the demand for demerger is anti-national and should treat it as a cognizable offence and deal with it accordingly. They further opined asking for a new state is equivalent to waging war against the country! And that it has the potential to disintegrate the country itself.

It is understandable that people in general or these politicians have reservations against the demerger but what baffles is this ostrich-like posture of these ministers. Instead of putting their real or perceived losses across the table and discuss their concerns about the sharing of river waters, infrastructure, capital for a new state they make preposterous talk about how a demerger and a few possible new states could disintegrate the country. They continue with the same strategy of stalling the demerger by refusing to start any meaningful debate on it. Even in the clarity of the results of by-polls, the ministers could not refrain from calling their own 40 million subjects in Telangana anti-national. How would they return back to their ministerial seats and work for betterment of the same ‘anti-national’ subjects? The ministers were insensitive and irresponsible.

Notwithstanding the motives of this argument, here is a brief examination of it. There were around 568 princely states in India when India became independent. And there was this wound of partition on religious lines. In the south, there was an anti-Hindi agitation for 3 years from 1937 in Madras presidency. These were but few of those many challenges the first Indian government had to face in free India. The Indian government needed time to settle down and was wary of religious, regional, linguistic, casteist agendas. Obviously, in such a diverse nation, a secular Nehru must be grappling to forge a pan-Indian identity socially and politically and set a strong foundation for a fledgling democracy. His idea was that an immediate reorganization of the states before the nation could build its democratic mores and institutions is fraught with danger. In fact, the Dhar commission, which looked into the demands to form new states, decided against the idea in 1949 as “it was not in the larger interest of the Indian nation and should not be taken in hand”. In fact the Dhar commission clearly mentioned that there is no homogeneity among Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra districts in the proposed Andhra state - all of the former were facing revenue deficits while the latter were in surplus. In addition, the Andhra leadership was demanding inclusion of Madras in Andhra province much to the chagrin of Tamils.

Nehru wanted these things to be sorted out before going ahead with the formation of Andhra state. And on May 22, 1952, Jawaharlal Nehru told Parliament of how "for some years now our foremost efforts have been directed to the consolidation of India. Personally, I would look upon anything that did not help this process of consolidation as undesirable. Even though the formation of linguistic provinces may be desirable in some cases, this would obviously be the wrong time. When the right time comes, let us have them by all means".

But then the Andhrites amongst all were unwilling to wait. Nehru wrote to chief ministers on December 2, 1952 that “the decision to establish the Andhra state will open out questions relating to other demands about linguistic provinces”. His fear about consequences of unveiling the Andhra state clearly showed up even as he in principal accepted to create an Andhra province. The next day, even as Potti Sriramulu was fasting for 40 odd days, Nehru wrote to Rajagopalachari: "Some kind of fast is going on for the Andhra Province and I get frantic telegrams. I am totally unmoved by this and I propose to ignore it completely".

On December 15, 1952, Sriramulu died, after 58 days of fasting. The news then made international headlines as doubts were cast on how a newly-free India can weather the storm unleashed by regional forces. According to an article in TIME magazine, A wave of hysterical emotion swept Andhra territory. Students, youths and workers, led by Communists, attacked Indian government property, cut telegraph wires, damaged railroads, burned rail cars and stoned fire engines, looted railroad restaurants, hoisted black flags of mourning over government buildings. Police, firing on rioters, killed seven and wounded forty. In the afternoon the body, seated in a chair on a four-wheel cart, was drawn through the streets by Telugu schoolboys waving lengths of black silk, beating their chests and crying, "Madras city is ours." This situation lasted for 4 days before Nehru was forced to accept the demand for Andhra state.

In fact on December 16 , Nehru wrote to C. Rajagopalachari, chief minister of Madras state, saying of the Andhras: “Their state will be a backward one in many ways and financially hard up. They cannot expect much help from the Centre. However, that is their lookout. If they want the state, they can have it on conditions that we have stated (i.e. without Madras city).”

Nehru made his displeasure known later too when he refused the subsequent request of Andhra leadership to make the parliament stand up to pay homage to Potti Sriramulu. That of course did not stop the Andhra leadership from garlanding him as Amarajeevi. Indian government’s intention then was to go ahead cautiously, after framing an objective policy on restructuring the states. In fact, Nehru agreed in principle in 1949 itself for formation of Andhra so why was the Andhrite leadership unwilling to wait, that when Independent India is on threshold of a new era and when it needs all its energy to foster brotherhood and harmony among Indians?

And just as Nehru predicted, while the Andhra state was running into a financial mess, the Andhra leadership was back to the center lobbying for control over Hyderabad’s resources in the name of Vishalandra. On July 13, 1953, an angry Nehru told chief ministers: “So far as we are concerned, we have declared quite clearly that after the Andhra state is well established, we shall appoint a high-powered commission to consider the question of reorganization of states… I am surprised that suddenly some people should have galvanized themselves into activity in regard to Hyderabad state and demanded its disintegration… I am sorry for this because it denotes an outlook with which I have no sympathy and, which, I am sure, if given free play, would bring chaos and lead to other disastrous consequences also.”

On October 17, 1953, he even ridiculed the demand for Visalandhra as an idea bearing a "tint of expansionist imperialism". And what do we call these imperialists? Amarajeevis or Anti-nationals? At every instance, they bull-dozed their way, whether separate Andhra, or merger of Telangana (despite Fazal Ali's report), unmindful of the consequences for central government or for the welfare of the involved people and in pursuit of increasing their own power and pelf.

And in the present day scenario of Telangana demerger, all parties have pledged in their manifestoes support for the same including the one to which these gentlemen belong. In fact it is the same congress that declared the state last December 9. Even on December 7, an all-party meeting was called to ascertain their views and only after all have nodded for the demerger did the GoI announcement come 2 days later with complete consensus on the issue. And then all the Andhra and Seema leadership takes a U-turn and now calls Telanganites anti-national! The point is that if there is anyone anti-national, it could be Amarajeevis and Andhrakesaris not Telanganites who are still patiently waiting for justice through consensus and democratic means. And it is indeed funny that in the age when all debates on improving efficiency and eliminating corruption in governance ends up with the mantra of decentralization of power and resources, these wise ministers should see the demerger as a threat to the national integrity rather than a process of decentralization. It is not as if the ministers do not know either history or economics. They try selling fear and insecurity to Andhrites about the consequences of demerger with these remarks to bolster their own voter strength back home in their constituencies and continue amassing wealth in this large state leveraging their power.

Image Courtesy THE HINDU

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Naagarikuda Vinu said...

@ Amar: This the best post like every other. I request you to disable anonymous posts as you are going to get many very soon. Many anonymous one timers are gonna attack you with baseless allegations and the most dangerous terms like: "Telugu vaadi atmagouravam, Andhra jaati atmagouravam, blah blah and all crap." People must realize that so called Sri ramulu opted for fast unto death not for separate Andhra state, but to merge Madras also in to the new state. The over ambitiousness of the greedy chaps cost him his life. And a great leader like Rajaji said "Kich these dog's out of our place" Telugu vaadi aatmagouravam was already killed and buried when lakhs of Telanganites went to Dubai and Mumbai in search of livelihood. Does any one stel the resources of his brethren and let him die? Where did your so called telugu stree "atmagouravam" go when innocent peaceful protesters were mercilessly beaten up and also were abused with choicest of obscene swearing by Seemandhra police in O.U campus? "Telugu Jaati Atmagouravam anedi oka pedda bootakam, kapata naatakam.

Yugandhar said...

@ The fellow brothers supporting for a separateTelanaga:
“Telangana people are not given what they are worth of; their opportunities are grabbed away by Andhra people, the politicians and the welfare programs of that region are not given due importance” and many more to mention. The above all true is what I believe from the news and talking to people but I cannot agree that only a separation of the state could solve the problem. The other reason I read from many people for a demerger of the state is “History speaks about this; it was all documented that in future there should be a separate state for Telangana if they want”.
I always oppose the reservation system based on caste which should have actually been a support on the grounds of poverty, I question myself why is it that the future generations should suffer for things that the old generations did. It should have been a more reasonable answer if they are rather provided every opportunity to strive and excel like everyone else and compete thereby making a better society. But even after 60 years of Independence we still have this bless/curse blessing/haunting the current and future generations. I mention this topic here to question the demerger of the state on grounds of documented history. We already have one to deal with against which we are fighting united.
Now as it is all known what the issue is, why we don’t fight against the demon causing it rather asking for a demerger. How do you feel when you are one day suddenly told “You are fired”? How about at the words “This no more belongs to you” about which you are proud of being a part of it? To all the educated and elite souls “Do you really think only separation could prosper you better?” I see so many blogs and comments from people on supporting for a demerger, why do the educated people support an answer which actually does not fight against the basic issue and kill it rather take another way to reach the goal. One reason I attribute to the failure is the telangana politicians who should actually fight for a better Telangana.
I feel the educated should try to kill the root cause of the issue and having said that I don’t feel surprised when the uneducated demand for a demerger because of the unpromising politicians.

Naagarikuda Vinu said...

@ Yugandhar:
Well Sir, you talk like every other idealist, every other escapist who is good at preaching others why don't you do this, why don't you that etc. // Now as it is all known what the issue is, why we don’t fight against the demon causing it rather asking for a demerger. // Why don't you start the fight and pave the path for many others? When you know that Telanganites are your innocent brethren who have been deprived of their rights and resources, what's wrong in fighting for your brothers? Why don't you file a petition in the Apex court involving the govt and CWC for the proper sharing of river water? Why don't you convince your politicians like Lagadapati, Kavuri, Jagan, Cbn etc that it's unfair to grab the lands of the poor for their personal interests. Why don't you educate the industrialists who polluted the outskirts of hyd that it's too unethical to spoil the nature and destroy the lives of common people? Why can't you convince the people behind Polavaram to change the design so that the lives of many innocent tribal people in khammam forests can be saved? Why didn't you question the late C.M Ysr regarding the lands sold around Hyd. Do you know that Telangana Univ and Kadapa univ were started the same day and funds were 30 cr for Tg univ whereas it's 300cr for Kadapa?
//How do you feel when you are one day suddenly told “You are fired”? How about at the words “This no more belongs to you” //
Grow up Mr educated, we are not against any common human being who toils hard for his livelihood. We are only against the Goondas, land grabbers, corporate scammers, resource looters, thugs who cheat innocent ones in the name of chit funds, jobs in secretariat, collect huge money for jobs in fake I.T companies (there is a large concentration of this kind of people in KPHB),etc. Got it?
//One reason I attribute to the failure is the telangana politicians who should actually fight for a better Telangana.// There is a crystal clear reason for this too. People here in Telangana are so poor that if they miss their work for a day, they need to stay hungry the next day. In that case, they can do nothing but ignore the politicians and continue their struggle with life. So not all ministers in A.P cabinet are from Tg. We have most of them from Seemandhra. What did they do then? When they feel that Telugu vaaru andaru annadammulu, when they know that Tg leaders are not sincere, they could immediately take the responsibility of doing good for Tg. Why didn't that happen? And today the common man has arisen from his hibernation and the explosion obviously sends shivers through the spine of the feudal interest vested politicians. I would like to post a quote written by Shri Kaloji.
" Dopidi chese praantetarulanu teeram daaka tanni tarumutam,
Praantam vaade dopidi cheste praanam thone paatara vestam"

Yugu said...

Yes, as you said I try to be idealist at least in my ideas. Yes I know it is all not so easily possible but what I had mentioned here is the actual ideal solution though you agree or not. It is not that when you have a part of your body attacked by virus you just amputate that part which should actually be your last act in order to survive. And about me asking to join the fight  yes might be I am not yet inspired for this and that does not mean that I cannot post a comment here. But for the people who have seen all those brutal acts being done I am here putting my thinking why they should not fight the other way i.e. all. And about your Shri Kaloji quote , does that mean that after the demerger you would not see any more dopidi s in Telangana  .
Amar has laid this platform to put people s ideas and so it is not wrong to be idealistic here but it is certainly wrong if you still try to be an escapist from your heart and show the other face of how we live.
So my thinking here is, when TRS formed the party he started the party with the only demerger motive. I just put a question they should have actually fought for the welfare and educate the people in that manner i.e. the right way. So to my friends here who are supporting telangana even for Amar or you I am shocked that you people support the demerger atlease in your views too.

Amar said...

/only a separation of the state could solve the problem..

Suggest a better alternative considering the history of broken pacts

/One reason I attribute to the failure is the telangana politicians

It is like convicting the raped and not the rapist!
Poor chaps, they have been made to wait at the door for 6 decades and now you blame them :)

/I mention this topic here to question the demerger of the state on grounds of documented history.

Do you mean to say agreements made in the past for fair-play are 'history'. And so when they are wilfully broken, they should not be questioned?

/why do the educated people support an answer which actually does not fight against the basic issue..

Maybe that should make you think deeper. Why would I, with relatives and so many dear friends among Andhrites like you support a cause if it is negative?
And what according to you is the 'basic issue' here? I am not sure you cared to read my past posts. As per me, the basic issue is what I discussed in the III post - A case of Tyranny of Majority.

/I just put a question they should have actually fought for the welfare and educate the people in that manner i.e. the right way.

That is what is being done now! Welfare comes when the due political power is seized.

/So to my friends here who are supporting telangana even for Amar or you I am shocked that you people support the demerger atlease in your views too

I dont think you grasped why I or your other friends support the demerger. Anyway you are welcome to share your views here. In fact I invite you to write as well for this Blog if you want to convey your thoughts.

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