Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rajni's Robot Rocks - Hollywood meets Hong Kong!

Shankar’s fascination for everything big just got bigger. ‘Robot’ is India’s most ambitious movie ever, both in budget and content. What is admirable is that the team here did not get weighed down by its own budget and the consequent expectations, as is the wont of Indian big budget flicks. They rose to the challenge and made a mark. ‘Robot’ is the marriage of Hollywood and Hong Kong for a full 2 hours and 40 minutes! It is a what people say ‘world-class’. Shankar who had his big-budget failure in ‘Jeans’ this time makes sure the humane feel is not lost in the paraphernalia of a big flick. And the result is a duel that emanates out of human feelings. A duel with double screen-presence of SUPERSTAR RAJNI.

‘Robot’ is not a typical Rajni flick. It has Shankar written all over it. It has none of Rajni’s trademark signature moves - style shots or punch dialogues. It is amazing how Rajni just fitted in the script, underplayed himself. Compare that with other ‘superstars’ and ‘megastars’ who literally edit their movies to make themselves look bigger than the movie. Despite the underplay, Rajni’s energy shines through in his nuanced acting. He covers up for the few logical flaws through his screen presence. His robotic action is superb and displays shades of grey and comedy impeccably. Aishwarya looked breathtakingly beautiful after a long time and electrified the screen.

‘Robot’ is a visual splendor. The song in the ruins of Machu Pichu in Peru is the highlight. The cinematography, choreography, costumes, art, action are all top-notch. AR Rahman’s songs have the dubbed tinge due to heavy lyrics but the music and background score is delectable. The movie is sure to become a rage with kids with all the CGI and would be a big hit this festive season.

Shankar ha s not exactly been my favorite. I found his most popular flicks too simplistic even while dealing with important issues like corruption. But then he displayed a consistent knack for the pulse of the viewers and more importantly stayed true to his craft and got better at it even while his contemporaries (including my favorite) seem to become prisoners of their own success and lose it after a few ‘hits’. It is this craftsmanship I have to come to like after watching ‘Robot’ today.

Shankar’s goals will now surely soar higher in the craft after this flick. Maybe the mosquitoes animation is a pointer. Is that implying an impending animation flick? And is the final scene implying a sequel – ROBOT 2!? I hope so :)


Sree said...

BOOM BOOM ROBA DA ROBO DA..:)Awesome movie. Got obsessed by Rajin.Especially the negative shade in second-half,No one would match him in that expressions

jayakrishna.reddy said...

Saw the movie in Tamil , After a long time this film is a example of indian digital skills and adaptability to prove better in post production work .

Shankar really had guts to prove his point of being big in quality putting in loads of money thou , even with a very small story line the film is a eye soothener for kids of india with so many digital formations and graphics at use ...but violence should have been on the lighter side to suit more to children

Music was not so catchy ,Aishwarya was definitely the beauty , still wondering how maniratnam missed such beauty on his screen and can definitely bet the aishwarya's best looks after guru .

About thalaivar he ruled the screen in robots role ... makeup in first few minutes was bad but got better as it went .

Being a Rajni fan , i did not find any particular catchy sentence from the movie except 'DOT ' which did not make a impact for me atleast.

Movie was definitely worth more than any one would spend to see it which is a rare fact these days with so many big flicks just vanishing from theatres in days .

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a crazy movie!! usually I din't watch films in generally. but this one impressed me a lot

online custom writing service said...

not for me. I found this movie so boring for my understanding. Sorry