Thursday, December 10, 2009

TELANGANA II: Statehood at midnight

“The process of forming the state of Telangana will be initiated. An appropriate resolution will be moved in the Assembly.” “We are concerned about Rao’s health. We request him to withdraw his fast immediately. We also appeal to all concerned, especially students, to withdraw their agitation and help restore normalcy” - Chidambaram

OU, my Alma mater is brimming with pride. For, it provided the rigorous democratic voices that stomped the streets and formed a deadly cocktail with KCR's righteous challenge of fast-unto-death. The cocktail had to be detoxified before it boiled over today at the massive rally towards the assembly. Chidambaram, the boss of home affairs did just that. He announced the initiation of the process to create Telangana. For someone who is hell-bent to extend the rule of state deep inside the Maoist bastions of dandakaranya, to appeal to the students especially means an acknowledgement of the purposeful agitation they spearheaded. Just for once, everyone felt the country is still alive to democratic voices. Its invigorating to see a 5 decade just struggle achieve its rightful end in a 10 day spontaneous outburst of restrained righteous anger. For a country that is a starved of civil movements, this is a tonic, coming as it is to fruition on the Human Rights Day.

"Slept in Andhra, Woke up in Telangana". Thus went an SMS doing the rounds today. This is more true in case of Chandrababu who seem to be startled to wake up in a state, he thought, would exist forever, only in parties' manifestos. Ever since he trucked up with TRS in elections earlier this year, he maintained his party is all for Telangana but he also took pains at times to explain that TDP itself as a party would not participate in any movement to campaign for the new state. That is a stand which clearly exposed whether the alliance was for votes or to address the genuine concerns of Telangana. He thought he made sure he would get the TRS vote-bank even while absolving himself from any responsibility to keep the issue alive, leave aside sustaining or taking the movement forward. Showing his credibility, he didn't budge from his stand and did nothing for the cause. So much so that he and his party sat like mute spectators watching the Govt's 11 day emergency-type rule to suppress KCR's fast and the student agitation. It was almost as if Chandrababu announced with his indifferent attitude that Telangana is not just a different state but a foreign country! So for anyone to expect him to accept Telangana as a reality is a bit too much. Now he says he only supported starting consultations on the issue, not the creation of the state itself. The fact that his party in an all-party meeting with the CM reaffirmed support for the Telangana resolution, whenever it is placed in the house, as recently as on 07 December makes a national laughing stock out of Chandrababu. This duplicity on his part stands in contrast to the clear-cut agenda the students agitated with. And it is this incompatible outlook towards issues and resolutions that is now making Andhra and Telangana break apart, with absolutely no effort made to talk away the discrimination concerns. It is this dubious attitude on the part of Andhra political leadership that confined, one after the other all agreements and accords made to do justice to Telangana, to the dustbin. While for 11 days the students struggled and KCR fasted forces in all parties that have reservations against the new state maintained a deafening silence on Telangana trusting their lobbying to succeed over the democratic campus/street/hospital agitation and suicides. In fact, for 2 days TRS insisted on discussing the Telangana issue in the assembly while both the Congress and TDP avoided it and made it a low priority issue to be discussed later in day. While the advocates of Telangana insisted on discussion, the TDP and the Congress did everything to silence them and when the parties woke up in Telangana, they all whined in unison that they were not consulted!

The opposition for Telangana is spearheaded by the plutocrats who built business empires worth thousands of crores leveraging their power in this vast state. For them to succumb to the new state would mean the risk of dishonouring commitments to made businesses to barter away Govt land, resources and lucrative contracts in lieu of investments made in their own companies. Even while the whole mining mafia is unravelling, Telangana serves as a double whammy. To see the many big ticket industrialist MPs trying even today to gain favour with her highness in Delhi just vindicates that it is the interests of these plutocrats that were and are stopping Telangana in its tracks. Its natural all these forces across party lines trust in the same lobbying which in the first place merged by force Telangana into this state in 1956. But this time, the uprising has been so severe no lobbying worked its way into Race Course Road thanks to the reckless use of force by the state. The disproportionate use of force without leaving any scope for dialogue left only 2 options as possible results in the end - Yes or No for the new state. The National security adviser was supposed to have told our state MPs that he has reports of an apolitical 'civil uprising' in Telangana and that it is worrying Delhi. Hence the use of force has been counterproductive for the plutocrats. Left with no middle ground, the creation of Telangana has been fast-tracked last midnight. The plutocrats lost the plot. KCR rose from the phoenix, albeit looking over his shoulders, the students behind him.


Calvyn said...

Well, As a Telangana'ite myself, I am very much elated by the 'inception of creation' of a new state. Yet, I am indifferent to the post-separation execution. If execution is in the hands of the same people(politicians) who fought/fast for it, I sincerely doubt their commitment/sincerity towards a prosperous state but a prosperous self.. Your posts vehemently supported the 'telangana' cause for its history, but not the future..

I would like to see your views on the ripple effects it would have on the breadth of the state/country.. in terms of fanaticism, regionalism, religion. Also, your take on the path to self-sustainability as a independent state. What would Telangana has to do in order not to tread the same path as other recently separated states!!

vijay said...
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vijay said...

I don't know why other region people (politicians) are crying and making turmoil in state when we are getting our rights.When they say, we are not benefiting or looting anything from Telangana,then why they fear, when we get our Telangana.I don't know why they still want to loot telangana in the name of Samaikya Andra.For example,in Telangana, every district has atleast 2/3 MLAs who are from Andra.
Even Jawaharlal Nehru said,better to get seperated from cunning Andra region as soon as possible ,during formation of AP.
Why people are seeing only Jharkhand for small state formation,why don't they see Uttharanchal,which is becoming better place than its previous state UP? We fought for independence not saying that we will develop more than England,but for self-respect,same situation is here,we are humiliated in the name of our culture,language and in every aspect of our daily life by andra region,hence we need independence from them.
In greater elections,they are saying their is no Telangana sentiment as TRS did not participate,why TRS is considered as the voice of Telangana people?TRS is only a party in Telangana.Today because of agitation of Telangana people ,center declared their Telangana wish not because of purly KCR fast.
In greater elections,MIM is the second biggest party in Hyderabad and going to share mayor berth with congress (which also said people believe in congress because we bring Telangana),not samaikya TDP or not samaikya PRP or samaikya other parites.

hariesh said...

The creation of separate statehood for Telangana is being cried foul by people of other regions is an obvious and planned reaction.

Their protest slogan is also not justified. They would do better if they support the resolution and allow the process of formation. Otherwise how can one explain their support for united AP when regions here is expoited for their regional gains n development and injustice meted out in all areas to telanga people in connivance with the ruling parties.

The current protests are nothing but a pretext to stall proceedings for further action.

I think the posts amply support our people's struggle in demanding a seperate state.

Jai Telangana

Balu said...

This is really great news for all Telanganties. But I suspect the credibility of KCR who is more business man than a poltician. It is open secret that he sold party tickets for money. We telanganaites need justice by some means, may be by granting separate statehood or addressing the problems scencerely. I am 100% sure it is not because of KCR alone center took the decision but for people sentiments. My biggest concern is we don't have a good leader to solve the problmes. Just by giving separate state problems will not solve, now the actual challange ahead of us. Now people of telangana has to choose the right leader. Lets not fight among ourself, we are still same Telugu people. Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra.....

Ravinder said...

"Happy Telangana Independence Day"

Telangana Statehood is the greatest achievement of the people of Telangana. This unity should continue to exist to chose a good leader for the upliftment of Telangana.

I'm very proud to be a part of this historic phase of the state, which will be talked about by our future generations.

The agitation by plutocratic andhra leaders and their people is temporary and in due course we will definitely see the bill becoming an act.

I'm glad that Mr. Pillai today announced that "Hyderabad", the heart of Telangana, belongs to the people of Telangana and will the capital city of Telangana State.

Jai Telangana.....

Amar said...


First things first, I supported the Telangana struggle not just because it has a history but it has a legitimate grievance that is not even given a hearing. In addition, the discrimination goes unabated. The latest instance being the fman-made flood in Kurnool and Mahbubnagar. Instead of releasing the waters to Telangana as its rightful share, they over-stored the water and then quite unexpectedly the flood comes in, exorbitantly increasing the input into the dams while the maximum output reamined constant at its maximum. The backwaters of the dam went to teh brim and flooding the nearby districts. The facts are out in the open but did we even see the Govt responding to the allegations? No. Thats the attitude of AP Govt towards all Telangana issues. It is terribly insensitive and the separation is inevitable. So it is not as if Telangana had another option. I would in fact say Telangana is more for the future and that today's struggle is boosted by the hopes for future than any hatred with past happenings. The very fact that there is no violence in word or deed against Andhrites in any area in Telangana stands testimony to the fact. In contrary, we saw helpless suicides.

One very important point u made is about self-sustainability. I would say viability and sustainability are the basic parameters seen before creating a new state. The answer for ur question lies in the very reasons for Telangan struggle.On an average, Telangana which is 43% of state's area contributed 60-65% of taxes collected in the whole state while it was given 20-25% of the states expenditure. 2 major rivers in the state pass thru Telangana. 60% of river Godavari's path through the state is thru Telangana while it is allowed to use hardly 10-15% of the water share of the state. The Govt stats show that even with such discrimination Telangana contributed more than its share and infact sustained the whole state at its own loss. Politicians in Telangana wub as good or as bad as anywhere else. The real point is that Telangana wud now use its own resources for its own developement and more importantly the next generations wud atleast grow up reading Telangana freedom fighters call themselves Telanganites, not Andhrites from Andhra Pradesh. And that is why we saw such an overwhelming civil uprising, to reclaim its identity and get their rightful share.

Amar said...


1) The turmoil is Andhra reflects a 'shock' and it shows just how Telangana was taken for granted all these years.I wonder
where were all these leaders, students when the TDP and Congress along with CPI, PrajaRajyam promised separate Telangana?
Where were these guys when all parties expressed support for the resolution as and when it is placed. Why did they atleast
not protest or start a debate then? All those leaders now posing like wannabe martyrs for Andhra thought Telangana will never be a reality and that Telanganites are not capable to override the anti-Telangana capitalist lobby in state and center. Lagadapati as recently as Much to their consternation, there is this unheard of mass public upheaval that overturned the plutocrats well-oiled machinery. So these guys like Lagadapati who openly mocked at Telangana advocates that they are inept to achieve their objective now run back into people and try to tap into their natural emotional outburst.

The protests also reflect how Telangana is considered a trampling ground for all these big businessmen, factionalists'
corrupt machinery. Its a shame they hide under the 'Samaikya' banner to do their corrupt businesses. For anyone doing his
business transperantly, the new state obviously makes no difference.

2) Your point around Indian independence is correct. It sounds patronising when Andhra leaders promise 'development' for
Telangana as if they r doing charity. While Telangana asks its rightful share of Govt. spending in proportion to the income it generates and its share of real water, all they got were abuses. A peoples movement shud b dignified with rational objectives while this so-called movement exposes the hypocrisy and arrogance and all the so-called samaikyavadhis have to offer the Telangana advocates are abuses and insults.

3) If people think just KCR's fast got Telangana, they must be blind and dumb. I have only read abt the Revolutions like that of the French, I have seen one in my lifetime.

Amar said...

Ravinder, Balu, Hariesh,

I share ur feeelings. I get a feeling we have seen a historic movement. I have not many hopes on KCR but on the students who have driven the agitation. I also appreciate the calm and restraint they are showing in face of the protests in other regions. That shows their maturity. With time, things, I hope, wud settle down peacefully. It is better to get separated and live in harmony than to live together in an unjust partnership.

Shilpa R said...
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Shilpa R said...
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Ramky said...

I am anxious to see what progress Telangana achieves as a state in the years to come. If its indeed true that the capabilities and potential here has been suppressed here all these days, I will want to see it display it in its achievements and not merely in providing a new bunch of political goons. Anyhow, I think as Indians, this is yet another proud moment for us as we have shown the world how united and progressive we all are...few more states are in the pipeline.

vijay said...
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vijay said...

Do you think ,we progressed a lot after getting independence from cruel ,cunning Britishers ? We fought for independence not for progress,for our freedom,dignity,identity,self-respect...same is here.There were lot of great leaders in India during independence struggle who were marked as terrorists,corrupt personalities by British media,we came to their sacrifices only after independence,same is happening now in AP,Andra media is marking Telangana leaders as corrupt,old,terrorits.We are fighting for Telangana for self-respect, we are humiliated in all aspects.

Shilpa R;
Do you think Andra region will satisfy with Hyderabad only ? Definetly a big NO.This is like Pakisthan asking Kashmir.
Even if we give Kashmir to Pakisthan then they start asking Haryana and Punjab...same thing is here...Hyderabad is only a small reason to say that we will not give Telangana.Do you think ..they developed Hyderabad for the sake of people living in Telangana...No..They developed Hyderabad for their selfish needs.
A small remote village in Andra region is having best facilities than a district head-quater in Telangana...Just a make a tour in Telangana region and note atleast one place from Telangana region apart from Hyderabad which is far developed than a remote village in Andra region in your next comment.

jshanthkumar said...

Please go thru the article, from which some of you may find the answers. This article is published in 'The telegragh' stands in fourth in indian daily news papers(after times of india, hindustan times and the hindu) published by 'anand publisher' esbl in 1922.

Techie son emerges but in no hurry by G.S. RADHAKRISHNA
(publised on 11.12.2009)

Hyderabad, Dec. 10: One thought he could slip into his father’s shoes without much hassle. The other says he isn’t “eager” at all but is ready if the situation demands.

In the fast unravelling theatre of Andhra politics, it is the seemingly ambition-less son who is rising.

As the tussle for Telangana unfolded, Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao emerged as the man to watch out for while his father K. Chandrasekhar Rao lay in hunger strike in a hospital bed. Almost always in jeans and T-shirt, the articulate software engineer with an MBA from America stunned even his dad, a seasoned player in the churning politics of Telangana.

While TRS elders and the rest of his family were advising Rao to call off his fast as the Centre dawdled, the young Rama Rao said he would rather see his father as a “martyr” to the cause. “My father prefers to die rather than face the embarrassment of not achieving Telangana,” he said.

Few had expected Rama Rao to come up with such a comment when everyone thought a decision had been reached to persuade the “sinking” TRS boss to end his fast.

But Rama Rao had other ideas. “I’d rather see my father as a martyr to a cause rather than an embarrassment to himself,” he said.

The 10-MLA TRS may not be a force to reckon with in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, but the 35-year-old has ensured the support of a crucial segment: the jeans-clad GeNext.

But Rama Rao is humble. “I am not eager to take on my father’s mantle. But I am ready to do it if the situation warrants it,” he said.

The contrast with the other young man of Andhra politics — Y.S. Jaganmohan — couldn’t have been more stark.

Eyeing the chief minister’s chair after his father Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy died in an air-crash, Jagan railed against his rivals after K. Rosaiah was anointed.

The 38-year-old launched an offensive against his detractors but the Congress high command stood firm.

An insider said Jagan lacked political acumen. “He comes across more as a spoilt brat who thought he could slip into his father’s shoes without much hassle,” the insider said.

Andhra watchers said Rama Rao had stolen a march over his cousin T. Harish Rao in the power race within the TRS. They said Rama Rao, who contested and won the 2009 Assembly election from Siricilla in Karimnagar district by a margin of just 171 votes, has cemented his place in the party organisation.

A single comment was enough hint that the young man has a mature head on his shoulders.

While most TRS supporters celebrated the Centre’s announcement late last night that it would initiate the process for a separate Telangana state, Rama Rao said the “real effort” would be to bring a bill in Parliament. In other words, nothing could stop the Centre from sitting on an Assembly resolution for statehood.

Some TRS leaders say Rama Rao’s sister K. Kavita, 31, is a better spokesperson. They also point out that she had actively campaigned for Chandrasekhar Rao in the Mahbubnagar Parliament constituency, helping him win from a new seat.

Rama Rao knows his limitations, but unlike Jagan who was in a hurry, he is prepared to wait.

An analyst summed it up: “One son is in it, the other out of it.” What he possibly meant was “out of the frame”.

shanth: May be its big article, but its an example that even telangana got great emerging leaders, who did not bring into the light.. because of the regionalism by local print and electronic media now and then. This paper got no role with local politics.. one who really blames the leaders and want to know the reason behind the revolution can realise based on this.

j shanth kumar

Ravinder said...

Shanth, you brought out good article on the future leaders. In support of this, I want to talk about the student leaders, who are capable and eligible, and who are the real heroes of this victory.
Even thought I didn't happen to see the interview by Ravi Prakash(TV9) with the OU Student Leaders, I heard that Ravi Prakash himself was surprised and exclaimed that these leaders are far more better than other Politicians in Power.
We really have very good leaders in Telangana and we should look forward to them becoming part of the administration of Telangana.
Jai Telangana....