Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Germans are coming!

Call it the German precision. Thank it for letting Maradona keep his clothes on! The clinical demolition of the England superstars (soon after treating the Aussies) was a precursor. Truly, as Andy Johnson's world war II novel about the invincible German war machine said, the Germans are coming. And today it's Maradona's Argentina's turn. Just like their Engish star cousins, Argentines dominated the ball possession, tried showing their wares in true Latin American flair - the artistic game, but the Germans persisted and when they got the ball made the most, in a flash gave a top-flight finish doing excellent passes. The Germans played like a team. The coordination is flawless. The losers played their individual games.They looked like the IPL stars in Indian cricket team! When they attacked, they looked like gatecrashers getting shooed out. When Germans attacked, it was blitzkrieg. The passes were sharp, the players composed. The opposition gasped. It was beauty. They all looked like surgeons!

The German team, with an average age of 25 is spirited and plays real team game. The team reminds us of the 1998's multicultural French team. At least 8 in the squad are said to be of immigrant origin including a Turkish origin Mesut Oezil and polish origin Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose. Obviously this requires the team to be far more disciplined to handle itself on and off the field. And the team seems to have delivered. And how! The incredible finishes at the goal-post, got to catch them again..

Image courtesy: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach


Sandeep Naredla said...

Absoultely, these youngsters are just demolishing the opposition teams with their pin point passes, unselfish assists, and unparallelled maturity and composure for their age.

It was the game against Australia which made whole world look upto them. Until then, they were just treated as underdogs, even in their own country. The number of passes they made against Australia is more than some of the combined passes of the group games played until then.

The runs into the opponent halfs by Oezil, Muller, Lahm, Podolski, Schwetzneiger, Khedira and clinical finishes by Klose, is by far the best entertainment this beautiful game gave to the soccer fans all over the world.

Anonymous said...

mama but i am sad that I can't catch up with Muller in the semifinal-- ramesh

prasad said...

The Germans are a team to watch and such is their diversity that,atleast 11 players can play for other nations.
But somehow I've a sneaky suspicion that they will not come good vs Spain,the masters of possession.Though they have vastly underperformed in this tournament,thanks to Torres's dismal showing,I think they have enough flair and grit to pass this test.

Amar said...

The exchanges are stunning, flawless. There game seems to flow like music :) No other team gave as much peasure in this world cup.

Yeah, thats a disappointment.

Yeah, Spain looks better on paper although they seem to be not completey in their elements till now but Germany may bring out their best in the semis! It's a match I am dying to watch. Germany seem to have got some pressure on playing Argentina. They were more composed VS England. How they handle the marauding Spanish is something to watch for. I think for Germany, it's attack is critical. If they land an early goal they will run away with the match.

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Yeah, Germans are dangerous. But you as the practice shows shouldn't worry!