Thursday, December 29, 2005

Welcome the Lights

Hi ! all lads and lass'
here is the fesival of lights
welcome the lights
DIWALI beckons
diyas are here, there and everywhere
tranquilising, steadying, cheering
and reflection-inducing,
they enliven our hearts,
rejunevate our lives.
welcome the lights!

Welcome the lights,
for the rut of the day
is not that away
when day in and day out
all we will have are but bouts
with programs and exams.
hey! just kidding!
But, look at the diya,
or is it an eye?
like siva's third eye,
it energizes our future
like our inner eye,
it reflects upon our past.
welcome the light
unto the light in your heart
to combine with that divine,
for this is the one
that soothes and guides
when the day is dark
and the way is difficult
welcome the lights!

Welcome the lights,
wearing the smiles
with all the gaiet
and the hopes aplenty
for the lights of life are all galore
and are we not all game to explore !?
welcome the lights!

On this DIWALI, my friends,
i wish u all the 'light' in u'r lives
accept my wishes and their warmth
for these winter nights
when u welcome the lights
into u'r homes, into u'r hearts.

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