Thursday, December 29, 2005

Music of a Winter Night

The moon in sky crawls alone
Spying the ocean down below
That's pensive, silent sans any billow
It asks the zephyr, on the sly,
What is the affair...

The waft, like water which is soft
Coos out the causing
The charmed ocean's pausing.

The moon then muses
The soft and full emotion
In the swell of the ocean.

It shed a flood of silver sheen
Through it's pale moon-beam
And gazed in love
Onto the infant asleep
As the cold rays strayed
Over the ocean's face.

The waves started gleaning
And the lulled winds started dreaming
And then the midnight moon started weaving
A bright chain over the deep
Whose breast started gently heaving!
The moon was loving
And the ocean started living.

And so the moon
Drove away the gloom
Bringing in light
This winter night.
The moon still crawls,
The ocean now enthralls!

1 comment:

Rajan said...

nice one...relly felt a winter night...!!! nice one..!! :)