Thursday, December 29, 2005

Awaiting Expression

In the light of day,
In the night sublime,
I burst out all of a sudden,
In time uneven.

Here and away
My heart just strays,
I have so much to say....

Feelings hold sway,
Reason turned away,

The sun deep red
The sky pale blue
The chirping birds

The blossoming flowers
The nebulous clouds,
The rushing crowds

Everyone seems,
Something they say,
I ponder and meander

Reflect and introspect
All through the day
I have something to say.

And so I paint and I compose
What life proses,
And so I live and I prose
What life composes.


Jyoshna said...

Nice One :)

Rajan said...

excelent..!!too gud one.the words u framed awsome.