Friday, February 18, 2011

The SKC Scandal 4: AP High Court calls the SKC report a pack of lies!!

Now, Is there something worser than the High Court calling the SKC report 'full of blatant lies'!? Well, of course the shameless plutocrats and the tyrants in power in Hyderabad wouldn't give two hoots to the comments. But for the lesser souls who care for democracy, constitution and propriety, here is what the High Court said after it went through the 'secret' chapter 8.

According to the ToI, the court said the secret contents full of lies and mind-boggling descriptions of non-existent things. It further said "It is unfortunate that this report and its related exercise was presided over by a former judge of the Supreme Court,", "This committee has spent Rs 40 crore of public money for preparing its report. Any person with a semblance of faith in the system of democracy would lose faith in it. The report prepared by the front office of an MP would have been more sensible than this report. Even the high command of a political party would have hesitated to prepare such a report,".

According to the Indian Express, the high court said the report's secret 'chapter 8' should be put before the public to make them know the kind of committees that are being appointed by the government.

Wait, there is more shame, according to Deccan Chronicle, "On being persuaded by the judge, the ASG also read the last two pages of the report and agreed that the committee need not have gone into all this." So the Additional Solicitor General of India who is representing the GoI himself agreed the SKC exceeded its brief!

In short, the High Court said the so called secret part of the report should be placed before the public not because it is important but because it is so dangerously ridiculous that people should know the levels to which governments stooped to appoint incompetent committees!!

I have discussing on this blog on how blatantly the report lied, suppressed truth, justified discrimination, encouraged constitutional violations and rued how the report makes right-thinking individuals to lose their faith in the system. I felt a relief hearing the court's comments and can only thank god we still have some institutions like the judiciary that reposed the faith in us now and then.


Vamsi said...

I second that the socalled "secret" chapter should be made public...

Amar said...

I thought the same till the HC comments. The report, in its public parts provoked Telanganites enough by calling them lazy, subservient etc.
Now if a HC Judge feels the secret part 'make disturbing reading', how a commoner would feel? Would the resentment do any good to an already charged atmosphere?

Ravinder said...

A stupid committee appointed by a useless government supported by morons with a bunch of idiots. What a shame in the history of this govt.
Still hoping that something positive will heard during elections.

hariesh said...

Bull-shit, crap, garbage, waste....Thanks the HC spared the SKC not using these words for their secret report.