Saturday, February 12, 2011

'Jai Bolo Telangana' ends the cultural suppression of Telangana

Jai Bolo Telangana (JBT) marks the cultural renaissance of Telangana. For a region that was always ignored and for a language that was ridiculed at in the Telugu movies, to take the centre stage and be received with aplomb, the transformation is dramatic. Obviously, the movie owes its assertiveness ( say release) to the Telangana peoples movement. Without which, this breakthrough in Telangana cultural renaissance wouldn't have been possible. In all probability, we will now be bombarded with many more Telangana movies, maybe with the same theme too, following the reception JBT got.

JBT has its story weaved around a couple in Love and in the backdrop of the Telangana movement. The ground realities of the Telangana movement explode in the aftermath of the December 9 and take control of the couple's destiny. The movie conveys how the movement and its sentiments transcended down to the common man and yet how the powerful plutocrats try subverting democratic processes for their benefits and increase the unrest in the movement. The love story is used to weave and anchor the wider issue of Telangana statehood. As the movie proceeds, this background of the movement slowly overpowers the love story and takes centre stage in the climax. The love story is well-written with good dialogues and is enacted by decent acting. And it clearly conveys the point that the Telangana movement is about demerging the region and not dividing the people. However, JBT does not spend too much time explaining how Telangana has been cheated in, say jobs and water. It, to an extent, succeeds in showing how Telangana is suffering today but did not focus much on how things came to this pass. So, an outsider would be none the wiser about the heartburn behind the movement after watching the movie. But the movie does show how strong the movement is today and records the ground realities for posterity.

JBT, in today's context, is no mean achievement.The media is deliberately ignoring the movement and suppressing the truth. The best example is how they blackened out all news of how 2.5 million people converged in an unprecedented way for the Telangana Mahagarjana in Warangal. This movie goes to villages, towns and cities and supports the cause which the regional and national media tries to continuously ignore. JBT encourages all Telanganites by speaking the truth aloud. Anyone who has doubts should listen and see Gaddar singing "podustunna poddu meeda nadustunna kalamaaa poru telanganama..". In the Houseful show at Kukatpally theatre 'Arjun', where I watched the movie, the response was unbelievable. The crowd sang along the whole song which exemplified the uncompromising struggle for Telangana. Similarly, 'Garadi chestundru..' song by KCR captured the trickery and gimmickry Telangana is facing and trying to overcome. These songs and the title song documented the movement and strengthened the cause. Despite the poor technical aspects, some bad acting and some lacklustre scenes, JBT is a breakthrough and a honest depiction of the struggle.

JBT marks the coming of age of Telangana in the political space and without doubt, this would force the Telugu film industry to think twice before they try stereotyping the people of the region as comedians/villains henceforth. Jai Bolo Telangana marks the end of Telangana's cultural suppression. Jai Bolo Telangana.


Sudhir said...

Nice one Amar!

Gattu said...

Hey Amar!!!!!!!! Kudos to you......

As always you have given a very clear picture of the movie JBT. However, I am not privileged to witness this masterpiece as I am in New Delhi ........
Hope will definitely get the chance to watch this movie!!!!!!!

Jai Bolo Telangana!!!!!!
Shiv Shankar Gattu

Amar said...


tough luck. the movie will run for sure for a few weeks thanks to the songs. so u may catch up when u visit Hyd next