Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jai Ho Rahman, the new national hero

When i was growing up in my teens, there was only one thing world class in our country - Sachin Tendulkar. Years later, now, we have another to boast about - AR Rahman.

The music of "Slumdog .." is not Rahman's best but with its cosmopolitan and diverse compositions, it aptly sums up Rahman's kind of music. While his music summed up his worldview that celebrates diversity, his words on the Oscar night were a flash from his spirituality and beliefs. Rahman's message about 'choosing love' is apt in a world torn by terror. Is it not symbolic enough that a Muslim conveys that message on the stage of West's biggest entertainment night? It is an irony that when the most vociferous of Muslims worldwide are cultivating a hate for anything American, two Indian Muslims embrace their Oscars and flaunt them. Talk about Indian pragmatism!
And now after the Oscars, Rahman would obviously get more busy with the western productions and we Rahmaniacs should be prepared to hear less of him (Unless, of course, we Indians produce movies with universal tales, which is highly unlikely in next few years). That is the way to go. Jai Ho.

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