Tuesday, May 02, 2006

J K Galbraith is no more

In some corner of the morning papers i saw 'JK Galbraith dead'.
A man of towering intellect and the one who saw it all for almost a century,
John Kenneth Galbraith was one of the beautiful minds of yesteryears, an eqivalent of today's Amartya sen or yesterday's Edward Said.

I grew up looking amazed at these folks communicating the world so effectively all its intricacies. Above all is their purity of mind which made them capable of speaking only what they think is truth.

Galbraith famously called india 'a functioning anarchy'. Not a proud thing,
but how true it is after 40 aodd years of his ambassadorship to this country.
in this age of 15 minute fame, we see no more of those convictions that made men like galbraith, who was also the earliest opponent of Vietnam war.

May the beautiful mind rest in peace.

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