Monday, May 24, 2010

Kites doesn't quite fly!

Well, it looked like one of those flop finals Indian cricket team used to end up in choking all too often after some superb league matches (Now of course Team India does not even make it to finals anymore). At least that is what I thought about Kites.

After all the promise Anurag Basu and Hrithik were showing in their work, my own expectations were soaring high, too high for the Kites to match. The solace is that whatever heights the Kites took were because of these 2 guys. Basu's screenplay and direction is top-notch and Hrithik gave his all. What undoes the movie is the lack of depth in the story - the love story. How deep in love the lead couple are in is never quite translates, literally. Did the Hindi, Spanish jugalbandi dialogues end up losing love in translation? I think so. So even as the movie ambles towards its dead-end, we would be wondering if we missed a reel or 2 about how the couple fell in love. Rakesh Roshan holds the credit for story I guess and he may be now feeling the same.
What is of course surprising is that in a movie with such an ambitious love story, we hardly have a sequence which we can recollect after we leave the theatre! Unfortunately, that's the crux Kites failed at. Otherwise it is a honest work bereft of formula and cliche. Viewers loving novelty would embrace this even with its faults. But that is not enough to make this movie India's much eluding cross-over film. Hard luck to Anurag Basu and Hrithik.

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I was looking forward to a decent review. And I have it. Thanks to you.