Sunday, November 29, 2009

ARYA2 is smart and great fun!

Arya is back with a bang. The new Arya is not as sure-footed as the street-smart Arya who was wooing his girl 5 years ago. He in Arya2 has shades of gray, is confused at times to choose between his 'best friend' and his love. But he still is quick-witted thinking brilliantly on his feet and continues to spring surprises with his eccentric unconditional love and friendship. And of course it is still Allu Arjun, obviously. Arjun displays an elan with the role which makes it impossible for us to imagine someone else in his shoes for Arya. Add to that his jazzy fluid dance movements that evokes utter awe. His energy lightens up the screen and brings to life a brilliant script from Sukumar.

Sukumar does not disappoint like he did with Jagadam and now lives up to the promise he made with Arya in 2004. He moulds the hero's obsessive and juvenile character very well and makes the whole plot engaging with a remarkable scripting effort. The dialogues are sharp. The picturization of songs is thoughtful and beautiful. The only glitch looked to be the lack of an emotional build-up to the love the Hero develops for his girl. However, the quick pacing of the movie does not leave us any time to wonder, Instead, we are thrown headlong into the sequences involving Brahmanandam which are rip-roaring. Devisri Prasad's music which is very hummable and which goes very well with the gregarious mood of the movie and amazing dance moves of Allu Arjun.

The production is excellent and all visuals display certain finesse, thanks to the DI and Visual Effects. Arya2 is unadulterated entertainment orchestrated well by Allu Arjun, Sukumar and Devisri Prasad. It's been quite a while since I had this much fun watching a Telugu movie on the big screen.


Harisha said...

hi Amar, this is the one where you didn't analyze a movie technically or may be just did not blog it down. Looks like I can watch it :)

aaaalu said...

Hi Amar...I guest I have already told you that you have a gift for writing. Nice write-up yet again. Love to read better ones from you. And, yes I am gonna watch the movie.

raja said...

Hi Amar,

By seeing your nice reviews, I can say that you are crossed all so called reviewers. I am big fan of your style of writing.

I had saw lot of reviews about the movie and its confusing me like allu arjun character in Arya2. After seeing your review, I can confidently go and watch this movie.

Once again thanks for your wonderful review. Kudos to your writing skills.



Sorry dude...My opinion is Aarya 2 confuses you..You may like the movie, if you go to the theater without any expectations..

Suvan said...

HI Amar,

I have a doubt whether Arya-2 would reach the heights of Arya or not. But your review has cleared all my doubts and now am very eager to watch this movie.
Though am not a regular cine goer, but will definitely plan for this movie in this weekend.

Thanks for the blog.

Shyam Prakash Velupula said...

"Arya2 has shades of g(r)ay"... what that intentional? or did I picked it up from other reviews ;-)

Amar said...


We tend to do a post-mortem when things go wrong. I havent seen much of those. So didnt get technical.

Thanks Adi sir :)

I am flattered :) Thanks.

I did see the movie with lots of expectations due to Sukumar and I didnt get disappointed. The lead character is sort of grey. I thought for folks who are used to single-shade macho hero, the movie may look confusing.

U will enjoy it buddy. Its fun.

Thats a good one :)and it shows the film in a different light ;-)

But I think its just the other gay -
Gay [adjective] full of or showing high-spirited merriment :)

j said...

Its surprises me for your review on telugu movies. Amar.. have you observed that you got many comments on this topic than others which are based on social/humanity/political/ historical based. Sorry to say that people are more interested in fantasy than those mentioned above. Any ways its good to see the change in your view. Keep it up and don't mind otherwise.

Amar said...

Hi J,

I didnt quite get who u r. U r partly right in saying that movies get more responses than social or economic commentaries. After all, it is about the type of audience my blog could or couldnt reach. I think it is abt acquaintance with topic. For instance, the post on mumbai attacks did get good responses while a comparitively lesser known issue about state violence got just 1 response. Most of the reactions are from my friends who are too busy with software lives and who, I think, have comfort only with the relaxing movies and not heavy-duty current affairs stuff. I guess I am yet to reach relevant audience for the non-movie posts.

BTW I have been reviewing Telugu/Hindi movies almost regularly right from the beginning. So, nothing changed on my side. Let me know who u r :)