Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BAANAM: This arrow has no gamyam

If the point of making a movie is to avoid the beaten track and do something hatke, the makers of Baanam succeeds. However, if you wish to see a movie to get entertained, or to get an insight or feel a high, Baanam is not for you. Baanam has the flavour and is aesthetic but is a directionless (pointless) enterprise. And despite the raw rural/town feel in it, this is no Gamyam.

Baanam is a classy movie with short dialogues (from the same guy, Nagaraju Gandham, who written for Gamyam), meaningful visuals. You may not be any wiser about Police system after watching the movie for 2 hours but can make out about Chaitanya Dantuluri, the writer-director of this movie. A fleeting glimpse of 'Fountainhead' in couple of scenes and a chapter wise breakdown of the movies shows the influences. But sadly those influences doesn't elevate the content. Script and Screenplay are weak. What the hero set out for and what he achieved is unclear. A clear storyline and lack of conviction sinks the movie.

Nara Rohit walks his way to the closing credits, literally. All we get to see is he robotically walking and mouthing the dialogues dispassionately. His failure is to be credited to the director for the poor character sketch. Rohit's acting is made to look wooden and his body language awkward because the director apparently believed all IPS aspirants stand stiff all the time, almost never laugh and manages to fall in love and propose without ever feeling any butterflies in the stomach. Rohit is taught these aspirants are superhumans and he tries to be one and ends up a casualty. Rohit has to wait for the next opportunity to show any talent he has.

The background score is wonderful aided by crisp editing and apt camerawork. Ranadhir who plays the villain makes his mark and he is someone we can all watch out for. The shot-making is fantastic in the movie and with the right script, the director Chaitanya Dantuluri will hit the bull's eye. Sadly, for now, this Baanam has no target and nothing to hit or miss.


Yugandhar said...

i will get back to you after watching it this weekend

Amar said...

Hmmm Yug, the movie is littered with Patnaiks, Panigrahis and Sahus from ur neighbourhood. So go enjoy. :)