Saturday, November 29, 2008

Now what? Again sing 'Spirit of Mumbai'!?

Lauding the role of the security personnel who sacrificed their lives to save Parliament, he said it would have been a tragedy far worse than the September 11 attack in the United States had the terrorists entered Parliament House when top political leaders and 700 parliamentarians were in. - A news item referring to LK Advani and his comments on December 13, 2001 parliament attack

When i read this piece, just for a moment i wished they entered the parliament! Such is the overwhelming helplessness I feel seeing the unfolding events in Mumbai on TV. What a crap we have for our leaders.

Will we ever wake up? Before long, we will again see the dreaded cliché 'Spirit of Mumbai' across TVs and papers. We will proclaim we are not hurt, we get back to work, conveniently forget this whole thing. Its a routine by now, they come, they hit, go back. We sit, wait for them to come back and hit. And meantime, we entertain ourselves with iron-man Advani proclaiming he will 'clean-up' terror in country within 100 days of coming to power. Could he please share with us his magic-mantra? Such statements only show how lightly this issue is taken by him and his party. Of course, it was while he was at the helm, the parliament was attacked. I have always had a positive feel for Manmohan Singh despite his not-so-charismatic approach. This could be because he sounds very honest. But the other day, for the first time, watching him addressing the nation on TV, i felt he is woefully inadequate. No, Mr Singh, ur staid approach doesn’t reassure me, not anymore. Maybe we dont need a scholar for a leader anymore. Not an old man for sure. I am not even talking about a certain Shivraj Patil. If he is still keeping his job, i wonder what his job profile is. Shameless, he utterly is. Maybe we need a raw muscleman who loves his country more than anything else. Even if it means a Narender Modi, despite all his history. Not a single reassuring voice did i hear in the past 3 days.
The Mumbai attacks made a mockery of our borders, internal and external security. From the common man in CST to the honchos in MNCs, terror touched everyone. We lost brave officers from police and NSG not to terror, but primarily for our ineptitude in governance. Think about all those officers, politicians who compromised with corruption, greed for power to make the terrorists roll into our public spaces this easily, in blue jeans and designer T-shirts. I wonder if any of these brave officers wondered for a moment if its worth laying their lives for all our insensitivity and ineptitude. Oh yeah, we will pay our due respects lighting candles and stuff before going ahead and discussing Big Brother six-packs and eight-packs. Our government already came up with the same old excuse - the root of terror is in external countries. Are we supposed to believe foreigners simply walked in without any logistical support, went around and shot every living creature around even as they ate dry fruits. Why is our leadership reluctant to focus on the assistance the terrorists got from our fellow citizens? Simply because its easy to blame the whole thing on Pakistan and get away? Pakistan has of course failed. India is failing! They couldn’t themselves avoid the attack on Marriott in Islamabad in September this year. Whether or not the Pakistan's establishment is involved in this attack does not cloud the huge task we have now for us - to proactively approach terrorism and single-mindedly sustain our pursuit of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. Even if we have a percent of the commitment the officers who died showed, we would succeed in tackling these warped minds of terror. Quite a few times did we listen US saying Pakistan to 'do more' about tackling terror. I wonder, ironically, if that advice is more suited for our leadership!


sachin said...

Yes one can come to conclusion that we have a strong army working under weak and corrupted leadership........
I was surprised to listen careless comments from veteran politicians like Advani. He was quoting like 'Hamari sarkar mein parliament mein aur Akshardham mein attack hue par koi militant bach nahin saka. Lekin yeh govt asmarth hai ....' what was he trying to say ??? He is just politicising the issue. And another hopeless comment comes from R R Patil 'Itne bade shaher mein ek ad ghatna hone par poorae system ko failure nahin keh sakte na' what was that ... Is he trying to say that some one comes in our city and does whatever he likes and its a small thing. Shame on our politicians and our intelligence agencies who were not able to sense these acts.

Where was Raj Thackeray, self proclaimed Marathi leader when these things were happening. He is one of those coward leaders who can only threaten our own UNARMED Indians. Raj if you are so keen about Mumbaikars, try to find out why these things happen in Mumbai. Try to find out loopholes in the system and bring them up..

Its been a trend in Inda for ages now, to divide the people based on religion, caste and origin. These politicians have exploited these things to which many of us attached. (Same thing is happening in AP)

I whole heartedly pay tribute to all those who lost their lives in this battle. Most importantly the Mumbai police officers who had far less grade arms than compared to those of militants but faced those terroists with lot of courage and to the staff of TAJ who helped the people trapped in the building by providing them information time and time and being with NSG commandoes during the operation.

Jai Hind.

Raju said...

The only way we can pay tribute to these heroes and stop this bloodshed is by increasing our defense spending. Indian defence has been consistently returning money from the defence budget back to the exchequer, the consequece the recent reports by CAG.The reports show a shortage of around 50% for surveillane equipment. These reports show how easy it was for the militants to walk into Mumbai - THE FINANCIAL CAPITAL OF INDIA. Reason the government gets requirments from all the three forces, kudos to the polity and bureaucracy it takes years ( more that 15 years in some cases) to procure these requirments.And our internal defence production has failed to meet these requirments.With outdated and insufficient equipment, god help my country. But india has been like this, china woke us with a war, when our logistics were not good enough to even give a fight. Hope these bomb blasts and shootouts wake us up now...

Praddy said...

With the kind of spineless bastards sitting in the parliament we won't get anything different. I am sure that there was no failure on the part of intelligence. There is no political will to save people. Because in trying to save people the govts both central and state would have had to take the risk of hurting the minority sentiments (the majority is very tolerant and understanding killing a few doesnt make much difference but minority sentiments shudnt be hurt...even if it means)....mumbai bounces back anyway ....may it will take a day more this time :) these politicians are noting but mother f**c$ers. and r r patil that sucker he says this is a small thing. i wish these militants had shot his wife and children...probably then it would have been a big thing. i've never felt so angished and helpless ever before...spirit of mumbai....bullshit mumbaiakrs have an option? and yes if any terrorist is reading this ...i'm sure your are ware that this country will remain as friendly to you as it was. we did not hang afzal and we will not...we will try to give hom a bail, few handgrenades and a ak47 and there are enough guinea pigs there to sacrifice there lives. may be the government will soon declare 26 nov as terrorist day....all terrorists will b given a free hand along with commuting expenses...bravo leaders....bravo assho*%!

Salil said...

I agree, winning gold medal for India is a great achievement. But, can we compare this achievement with what our Martyr did during this attack?

I am raising this question today because I received SMS from my niece (lives in Mumbai):

“An Olympic shooter wins Gold medal (only a game) & Govt. gives him 50Lakhs. Another shooter dies, fighting with terrorists (saving our country and our lives) & Govt. pays their family 5 Lakhs. Truly Great India!!!”
A winner of a game in Olympic got the followings: (Ref:
• Rs. 1.5 crore (US$ 302,400) by L. N. Mittal, Arcelor Mittal
• Rs. 50 lakh (US$ 116,000) cash prize by Central Govt [18]
• Rs. 25 lakh (US$ 58,000) cash prize by the State Government of Haryana.[19]
• Rs. 25 lakh cash prize by the Board of Control for Cricket in India[20]
• Rs. 15 lakh (US$ 34,800) cash prize by Steel Ministry of India[21]
• Rs. 11 lakh (US$ 25,500) cash prize by the State Government of Bihar. The Patna Indoor Stadium will be renamed after Abhinav Bindra.[19]
• Rs. 10 lakh prize by the State Government of Karnataka[22]
• Rs. 10 lakh cash prize by S. Amolak Singh Gakhal, Chairman Golds Gym[23]
• Rs. 10 lakh cash prize by Chief Minister of Maharashtra state[24]
• Rs. 5 lakh (US$ 11,600) cash prize by State Government of Orissa[25]
• Rs. 5 lakh cash prize by Government of Tamil Nadu[26]
• Rs. 1 lakh (US$ 2,300) cash prize by the State Government of Chhattisgarh[19]
• Rs. 1 lakh cash prize by the State Government of Madhya Pradesh
• A free lifetime railway pass by the Railway Ministry of India[27]
• A Gold medal by the State Government of Kerala.[28]
Do we have such list for our Martyrs? Can we have ever?

It happens only in India ~ Shooter in Olympic gets crores and Shooters (Martyrs) gets few lakhs?