Friday, October 24, 2008

KEKA - The purest of trash!

Just when we saw a Kotha Bangaru Lokam and an Nenu Meeku Telusa from debutants and thought TeluguFilmIndustry (TFI) is indeed progressing briskly, we get to see KEKA which takes the craft of filmmaking back by a million years. Its amazing to see this masterpiece from PC Sriram, tEJA and sHAKEELA. u read it right, thats the 'spirit' of the film - directionless. Thank u Teja, i never laughed out my heart out the way i did today and if i do again, it cud only b again because of u, for, right now, we see no one else capable of such utter stupidity. I wonder if u can stop urself from laughing at ur film. Man,..wOw, wOw..what a film!!!

This is a fun film folks, seriously. ee cinemani andaru okasari choodali,..which film can have absolutely no story, no screenplay and no acting! Quite a feat indeed, no director, worth his salt, can make his actors look this dumb! Look at the trashy wig the hero is made to wear and we wonder on which planet Teja is living. Atleast the male leads looked eager to put their all, but this is such a point less exercise. The desert song, PC Sriram, 'different-looking' heroine and 'gattiga pattuko' scenes makes us wonder if Teja indeed (hold ur breath) ventured out to make a 'Geetanjali'. Instead the heroine looked wacko, the desert exercise loooks dumb, the 'pattuko' scenes brainless and PC Sriram clueless.
This is a milestone for not just TFI, but the whole indian cinema, albeit in the backward journey. Go see the movie and vote if this is the trashiest and dumbest ever movie u have seen.

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