Monday, August 11, 2008

A sequel to Singh is Kingg!?

Talking straight: Akshay lights up the screen in an otherwise unbearable movie.

Singh is Kingg is a fantastic idea wasted. A simpleton sardar Happy Singh in all his earnestness, goes to Australia to bring back Lucky Singh, an underworld don, to his village. Lucky was native of Happy’s own village and everyone in the village thinks Lucky bought bad name to their village and community by becoming a don. So, Happy ventures down-under for the pride of his village and to alleviate the suffering of Lucky’s parents. Now, with so many Sardarji jokes abound about how they go about things, we could very well imagine the fun this idea could have generated, especially when you have a very good performance in the bumpkin Sardar role (What else could we ask when the start playing lead role could groove well when the inevitable song routine comes and fight great in the action sequences?). Alas, this is not be, courtesy, POOR writing and indifferent direction. All that was expected was ludicrous adventures of a sardarji in phorenland. And what we get to see is ludicrous film-making! A potential Munnabhai kind of plot has been lost. I yawned though the film and I guess so did many.

But what works for the film is Akshay Kumar (well, let me remind I am no actor’s fan or anti-fan). He plays very well as Happy Singh, the village idiot, who though is very well-meaning, inadvertently and inevitably makes a mash of things around. Akshay is the reason I feel this film has wasted this very good idea. If not for him, I wouldn’t have seen an idea in the first place! So disoriented and pointless is the writing and film-making.

Akshay is the saving grace, and perhaps the match-point of this film. What with the openings the film got and the good run it promises at the box office. Firstly, the accidental publicity (Manmohan Singh winning the confidence emotion) to the title ‘Singh I Kingg’ helped the film and so did Akshay’s great promos. Now, despite flawed script, non-existent screenplay and poor production values, Akshay may sustain some of the extraordinary openings the film got with his entertaining screen presence. Especially, the kids may like this and that may bring in the families. It is this highly possible success that makes me wonder whether Akshay will reprise this role in a sequel! This idea has got such a potential and the name 'Singh is Kingg' itself could be made into such a brand that any success now could trigger the next business opportunity for Akshay and the producers. With some good writing thrown in, Akshay could very well come back with a Lage Raho Happy Singh kind of film. And then no one would complain, and nor will I yawn.

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