Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sidney Sheldon is no more

The guy who fed us popcorn all through our teenage died today. His books are read so widely all around the world that I wonder they must be as powerful as Hollywood movies in presenting America to the world. A glamorized version though. He was sort of an ambassador selling the American Dream. I personally think ‘Master of the Game’ and ‘If tomorrow comes’ to be his best works. Whenever I tried reading anything else from him, it was Déjà vu.

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kiran said...

goodbye sheldon...
i dont read his works anymore!i fell i am too good to read his works anymore.hehe...well i did read almost all his works.yes master of game was good.i personally liked..if tommorow comes and tell me your dreams.
nevr thought that he had great diction and style of writing..he is for the masses..i say..
oh yeah BLOODLINE is fine too.